Crafty Me

The Pattern

How I Create Patterns

Since my brain is full of stuff I cannot just start looming a new item without a pattern. Well, I guess I could, but it might not be a cohesive, recognizable thing. I do make patterns and I actually use several different methods to make a pattern before I loom.

The Idea

The first step is to have the idea. I was asked where I get my patterns from and the answer is from pictures I have taken, from seeing something on the internet, and from the depths of my brain. On the internet thing, I might see a thing, say a deer and it gives me an idea and create what comes from it. Or I use copyright free, free-to-use pictures like those found on Pixabay. A quick Note: Royalty Free only means you do not have to pay a fee to use, but it is still a copyrighted item and needs permission. Never use someone’s picture or image without permission.

The next step is to make the actual pattern.

I have several methods I use:

  1. I buy grid paper from the office supply store. Depending on the size I am making I will buy 5 squares per inch all the way up to 15. I then either draw on the grid paper or I print on it. You can also downplay free grid papers. Waterproofpaper. com is a decent website
  2. If I am creating straight from my head I love to use my Ogees Seed bead Design Board. I recently got this product and I love it. It has four different “grids” to create on depending on the stitch used. Since I use a loom, that is the one I use. There is a place for brick, peyote, and ladder etc and both small and larger beads.
  3. Sometimes I make use a website, such as’s free Pattern Wizard. that creates patterns. You have the ability to upload images and it will create the pattern as well as the bead colors. Rarely do I use their color suggestions , but it is handy if you are just starting out. I really like that I can add my copyright to the pattern, important to me, especially if it is an image I drew or photographed.
  4. I have used other programs to create patterns. These are pay to use programs. One of the better ones is BeadTool. You can download and try first. I think it is OK and it does allow some freedom in the design process.
Images of the different methods.
Free handed Drawing on Graph Paper Downloaded from Internet
Photo Of Giraffe I Took at the Okaland Zoo Transformed into
Pattern using Free Pattern Wizard
Paws Drawn on Graph Paper I bought From Store
3 Foxes designed on the Ogees Seed bead Design Board