A day in the life

Thank You

There is phrase that I used to hear a lot that I do not not hear as much. It is a great little phrase and the uttering of such a phrase could create good will all around the world. The phrase is just two words. Two important words. It is Thank You. Thank You is what one says to express gratitude , appreciation, acknowledgement, recognition, respect for another’s act of kindness, courtesy, regard.
It is not nor should it be something one says out of habit, out of fake courtesy or polite rote. Children do this as they learn to be  a member of society. Want a cookie? Yes . What do you say? please thank thank you. God girl/boy here is your reward.
We hear it when we check out the store,. Thank you for shopping with ___________ (I have to say this because I am paid to say this). We hear it on the phone. Thank you for calling__________(again I am paid to say this, I could care less if you call, in fact, I wish you wouldn’t, I have stuff to do).
It is strange that you do not hear Thank You more. People are not deliberately discourteous, they are just too wrapped up in what they are thinking, doing, living, they forget that there are other people, people who have done something that benefits them exclusively. Someone opened the door for you.Someone let you go ahead of them at the checkout line. Someone stepped aside on the sidewalk. Someone gave you a gift. Someone asked if they would like to share something, go somewhere. Someone complimented you on your looks, your clothes, something about you. Thank you.
Someone has done something to benefit you in someway. Thank you. Not Thanks. Not a grunt. Not a nod of the head.  Silence won’t do. Nor will using it sarcastically…well thank you VERY much…that will not do. Nope. How about we turn around, look that person in the eye and say Thank You.