Social Media Calendar

Or how I solved the problem of remembering to not to forget to post

I will admit, I am getting old. While I have never had the best short term memory it is getting challenged theses days. Some of it is because if I deem something unimportant it goes into the trash heap in my brain which is very full. We won’t even mention that my brain is full of useful information like that tomato sauce was originally sold as medicine in the 1800s. My brain is full, something has to get tossed. I am getting old.

To combat that forgetfulness, I have implemented tried and true techniques. Those old standbys that include notes, lists, and telling my Honey to remind me. That works fine until it comes to my business or writing for my blog, For some reason, once I get online, whatever I was going to do goes by the wayside and I am on Facebook or perusing hours of YouTube or, Lord help me, lost in Pinterest land.

Why it matters is that one of the best things you can do for your online business is to advertise. I have found that the way to advertise that costs your time, but not your money is social media. In order to garner a great social media following is to post on a regular basis. Although I find that each social media app has their own culture and one has to adapt their posts to that culture, it always helps to post regularly.

By regularly I don’t mean every hour or three times a day, that is frequency, I mean regularly. For instance, I find that the best time to post to Facebook is around 3 pm. Twitter, 7:30 am, Pinterest seems to be a little later than 3pm. So on and so forth. How do I know? I check the analytics that is built into each one. Except I can’t remember to post everyday. Luckily you can schedule posts. At least I know I can on the big four: Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram. Except I forget to schedule or if I did schedule what days I schedule for.

Yes, there are many programs and addons that I could use. I once tried this sticky note program that put a virtual note on top of the other things on my desktop. It was great except for my desktop was nonexistent and full of sticky notes. I decided what I need was an old fashioned calendar. Or I could it make online. No problem, errr, yes it was. I could not find one I really liked. One that would allow me to modify it to fit my needs. I will say here that I don’t have Microsoft word I use a free online program LibreOffice. I did not like the extensions that I could find. So I made my own using LibreOffice Calc. And I am going to share the idea with you. Feel free to totally steal.

Here is August.

As you can tell it is a regular calendar, but each day has F, I, P, T with a place to check it off. The initials stand for Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter. As I create a post for each of those media, I can check it off and know that there will be at least one post, per day, on each social media page. I created this yesterday and have printed it out. It now will be in front of my face on the wall. I will now I posted. That frees me up to post whenever I want to and If I can’t I am covered. Besides, I don’t have to remember and can keep the other useless information in my head.

DISCLAIMER: I am not an expert at social media, internet, advertising, posts, marketing, or anything else. I can only share my experiences. While I hope this post helps you I make no claims that my method works. Use it at your own risk.