Pumpkin Patch Festival via Western Train Museum


On Saturday we went to the Western Train Museum’s Pumpkin Patch Festival.  You will recall that we had gone on the train a few weeks ago: https://theblogofteresa.com/trains/ . During that ride they let us know about this festival.  It was a short train ride and it was packed full of people and excited kids. When we arrived,  I understood the kids’ excitement. There was a lot for the kids to do. They could get their face painted, play some games and ride some ponies. Honestly the last one, I always have trouble with the pony rides. I feel bad for the ponies. It has to be boring going around in circles all day. I guess the ponies would feel bad for me going in circles all day.  Those ponies, however, did seem well cared for and  not bored at all, Just my sentiment.


Pumpkin chunkin. I sent those pumpkins flying!

You could also get food, which we did. We had a burger. There was a huge table of baked goods for sell that was very difficult to resist. There was pumpkins, of course. A fun thing to do was Pumpkin chunkin. That is where you put  a small pumpkin in a giant sling shot and try to get them in the boxes. If you get one in the box then you win a big pumpkin. All the proceeds went to the Rotary Club. There were several chapters there helping out. If you didn’t know they rotary club mission is to eradicate Polio and if you thought, like I did,  it was eradicated, there were several cases in Africa lately.

We had world class entertainment by The HipWaders band. When we sat down to eat , we happened to sit by the stage. The band came out and were wearing pirate stuff so I thought they were going to sing pirate things. Silly me, it is halloween , they were just dressed up for the occasion. They were pretty good, but honestly they were a little loud and I am getting old . I had a hard time hearing the words they were singing when sitting close, but could hear them great a little ways away.  Not really the band’s fault the hay bales we placed to close. I imagine it is a nightmare getting good sound outdoors like that. They had some good tunes. A very upbeat sound. Look them up on youtube. The Boy Who Cried El Chupacabra is quite clever.

There was a HUGE hay bale fort. It was climbable and there was a maze underneath. It was a big hit with the kids. I tried to go in, but got a bit claustrophobic. I did go on the tractor ride through the scarecrows. It was so fun. They had children and groups create scarecrows. we went around on the hay wagon and looked at them, then after the ride, we got to vote for our favorites.  That was a near impossible task as there were many very clever scarecrows. Here are some of my favorites.