Well, actually two…

My cat only has one kidney. Well, he has two, but one is shriveled up and useless. Who knows if he was born that way or something happened and it died of neglect. I would not like to think that I neglected my cat and console myself by saying that he should have had a fever or illness or something. I prefer to think hew as born that way. I am pretty sure that one doesn’t lose a kidney without signs.

People who are not “cat people” would probably say I was overthinking the whole thing. Bet you if it was your Pookie Bear Doggie or your Cuddles the Snake you would think differently.

We found the cat’s kidney issue because he spent a couple of days throwing up his food. I called my daughter who is a pet nurse and she said to bring him to the emergency. So we wrestled him into the carrier and off to emergency. That was a pure ridiculous adventure. Here we are worried about are pussy cat who panted and cried like he was possessed the entire 30 mile trip to the hospital. There they looked at him and kinda said we have to take X-rays. A billion hours later nothing had happened, but we were finally able to talk to a vet. She said there was no immediate danger and it would be another lifetime before they could get to him, so we took him back home.

The next day I drove all the way to San Jose, a good 100-mile trip, again devil cat in the back. Took him into the hospital my daughter works at. There they looked at X-rays from the emergency hospital and took some of their own. That’s when we found out that the cat had a shriveled up kidney and the other one was producing stones. He had to stay in the hospital for monitoring to see if he could pass his giant kidneys stone on his own. Surgery was risky. If the surgeon as skilled as he was, ran into a problem it would mean death or an immediate kidney transplant. I don’t think they have kitty kidneys in the fridge so they best we could hope for was for him to pass it on his own.

Several days later, kidney stones passed, one vet tech receiving a not so love bite, they sent him home. I should mention at this point that my cat is named Taz, after the Tasmanian Devil. He certainly has their temperament and doesn’t take kindly to strangers manhandling him. Instead of the hideaway, that flight instinct, Taz has the fight instinct in bucketfuls. There is usually carnage and damage, not to the cat but those who dared to touch. So in order to no longer stress out the vet techs, he was sent home with special prescription expensive food. Thankfully he loves it.

Its been about a year since his emergency and the Cat is fine. Us humans watch him closely and every time he coughs up a hairball we tense. It could be his last days. Sometimes we can tell his stomach hurts, and we are fairly sure he is passing another stone. Always feel bad for him on the days he doesn’t feel good. I do know, though, that he is lucky to have us. His bad behavior, his biting, he not very sunny disposition and now his chronic kidney issue, most would have brought to the pound or put him to sleep. He might be a Tasmanian devil cat, but he is our Tasmanian Devil cat. And please, if I tell you he doesn’t like people and will bite you, know it is not an invitation to prove that cats like you. You will get bit.