Not Smoking, Walking and the Right Tools

Yep, I am still a non smoker. 100+ days. I have not used the patch in several weeks, but I am using the lozenges. I am still not ready to give them up. They are like my little nicotine security blanket.  I do not use them often, but i do find that when I am tired or a little stressed I get an urge to smoke that i just can’t will away. The desire for a cigarette is sometimes so strong that if someone was around smoking  would give in and have one. So not quite ready to give up all nicotine yet.
When I decided to do the COuch to 5k program, it was brought to my attention by the doctor that my lungs could not handle me running quite yet. So i am doing the walk/fast walk. In order to do so the first thing I did was get some shoes. I have always believed that if you are to do something then you really should have the proper tools to do it with. While a rock can hammer a nail in, it can not remove that nail. Having a hammer would make your job easier. The same with shoes. Wearing the shoes I have would still work for walking but walking properly without pain would make the  exercising easier. So at the recommendation of my son who recently had been, off I go to a place called Fleet Feet.
Fleet Feet is an athletic shoe store. When I walked in it looked like most athletic shoe stores, albeit smaller than the big stores at the mall. They had a small back wall of shoes. One side wall had socks and the other side had athletic clothing. I walked to the back where the shoes were as typically one does that. You go look at shoes maybe look at a few and wait for help. Well, I never made it the back of the store. Maybe five steps into the store I was greeted by Leslie who told me she would be right with me. She was.
Leslie asked how she could help me and I explained that I was looking for shoes to does some serious walking in. Well that was all I needed to say, lLeslie took over from there. Amazing! She not only explained everything she was doing and the reasons behind it she listened to me when i answered one of her questions. That alone is rare. So many sales people today think that if they stop talking for a minute that they will lose a sale. Therefore they ask a question but do not listen to the answer. Leslie listened. She measured both of my feet, sitting and standing. She brought out several shoes and had me walk in the store, outside of the store. All the while she listened to my feedback. It did take quite awhile to get a pair of shoes, some socks and some inserts to correct my foot roll, Completely worth it. I have been doing the walking for a week now and my feet are amazing. They are not what is hurting. The shoes make it so I walk correctly, so it is my calves that are a little pissed of at these whole exercise thing.
Now I should have gotten some proper clothing but I did not. I guess my thinking was that if I failed at the walking I still had some pretty decent shoes, but what the hell did I need fancy exercise clothes for. I had sweatpants. I had a t-shirt. What more did one need. Well the sweetpants drove me crazy. They are actually more trendy than exercisy,  the legs flapped and whipped around my ankles. Completely annoying.  So off to get clothes. I made a short trip to a large local athletic store. I walked around the clothing section, totally confused. What does one need? I had no idea and there seemed to be no one working there, so I left. Back to Fleet Feet. There I got me pants sports bra and shirt.
Tomorrow I go walking fully geared up. I should mention my son went with me to get the clothing. Both him and the saleslady were amused at me because I wanted clothing that matched each other and the shoes. Hey, I may be out there sweating but I can match and look good. Here’s to a more comfortable and color coordinated workout!

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