No More Open Concept Houses!

I like to hide my kitchen

I’m too lazy to keep my kitchen clean at all times.

Even though this article is about 3 years old, I am glad to read it. I am not a huge fan of the open concept floor plan. On TV, the Renovation Shows seem to immediately tear down all the walls to make one big room. The explain it makes everything seem bigger and the woman (Always the woman, with a few rare exceptions. Shrug) can now prepare all the food and still be part of the party or gathering. She can keep an eye on the kids, maybe watch the big game on the TV that the Celebrity Renovators never seem to include in the design.

I hate everything about it. My current house is a semi-open concept. When you walk into the front door you can see the front room and the dining area. You cannot see the kitchen, however, and I like that. That means when you walk in, you cannot see that I haven’t bothered to clean the kitchen yet. When I see a full open concept I always think of that. Always. I am a fan of rooms that are designated as living room, den, kitchen, dining room so on and so forth.

Yea for the death of the open concept! I am a fan. Enjoy this article.