National Memo Day

In case you did not get the memo, today is National Memo Day. So sit up and take note.  Today is the day we celebrate that most auspicious of communications, the memorandum.

When I think of memos , think of the interoffice memo, usually stuffed into a large manila office plainly marked in bold letters as such. You needed to read the memo then sign on the envelope that you had done so. A memo was better than verbal communication, but not as formal as a letter, when the information was important to communicate to the department or the entire company. Important stuff could be in that memo, like a change in the cafeteria menu or if the company would close for a certain holiday. Therefore, instead of just signing off, you read it. Sometimes, there was other information,  such as changes in policy or the way one would answer the phone, but, really, when you would get that three-day weekend was the most important.

Today, one doesn’t see the memo that often, mostly due to the use of e-mail and instant messaging. It is too bad as some of these memos can be quite good reading. Enjoy the ones below.