National Handwriting Day

In this day of electronic communication, the art of handwriting has gone by the wayside. Or has it? Nope. It is actually on the rise again. “With the popularity of scrapbooking, cardmaking and other paper crafts, we are seeing more Americans returning to pens and pencils for the warmth and personal touch they lend to any document,” Baker explained. “People enjoy the creative expression they find in pens, pencils and fine papers. Handwriting is increasingly becoming a mode of relaxation and a means by which people can show their appreciation for one another.” (Writing Instrument Manufacturer Association, Executive Director David H. Baker.)

And speaking of the Writing Instrument Manufacturer Association would you believe they are the ones who created this day. It’s true. In 1977. Their motive is, well, obvious…to promote the consumption of pens, pencils, and writing paper. January 23rd was chosen because this is the birthday of John Hancock,the first person to sign the Declaration of Independence and the most recognizable signature.

In order to celebrate properly, you must write something. How about a note to a friend or a loved one. I know that in grade school I would have never known who like me if it wasn’t for passed notes in class! Notes to people who are ill or incapacitated will be well received. Write a grocery list. Write a ransom note. Write a dear John/Jane letter. Write down your dreams. Whatever you decide to write…just write and that way you will be able to tell all that you celebrated National Handwriting Day in style.