My Vagabond Vacation

For the last couple of days I have been on a Vagabond Vacation. A Vagabond Vacation is one where there are no real plans, no set schedules, just point yourself in one direction and go. This time went north. The only plan I had was to visit an Indian Casino as I have never been. Other than that, we just travelled the highways and byways of Northern California. It was an adventure and I had a blast!

The first place we stopped as mentioned was Cache Creek Indian Casino. It is ran by the Yocha Dehe Wintun Nation.   I learned that there. I also learned that a casino is a casino is a casino. THe only difference is that this one seemed to be a favorite place among Filipinos and other  people of bv descent. It was not what I expected. Actually, I do not know what I expected but certainly wasn’t to be one of the tallest people about. That and it was CROWDED. We travelled there on the Fourth of July and actually expected it to be quite empty. Not so. Very, very crowded. We had fun until the smell of cigarettes got me craving them too much (3 weeks smoke free) and we left. Oh I did win enough to play for a couple of hours and did have fun.

Cache Creek Resort and Casino

Off we went up Highway 101. We were actually thinking about finding Highway 1 along the coast, but for some reason I didn’t want to go south. North we went. Went through towns I didn’t even know existed, not sure how they existed. Populations of 150, 50 etc. Cute places but no where to stop and eat or use the restroom. Being the Fourth of July we had a vague idea that perhaps we could find a small town with small town celebrations. With that in mind we rolled into a place called Benbow.

Benbow looked to have a park where folks were gathering on the river. Perhaps they would be having fireworks? They also had an inn there. Looked expensive. We decided to go down the road apiece and see if there was another place to stay, then we could come back to Benbow and enjoy the festivities. We ended up in Garberville.

Benbow Inn

Oh Garberville. What can I say about Garberville. It seemed that those about might have been stuck in the 1960’s. Or maybe they were just special farmers put out of business.  Either way it seemed as if those we saw on the street were just stoned. Not to sure about the place but we were hungry so we stopped at a place that had a big sign outside that said “Restaurant”. Seeing as that was what we were looking for, in we went. Oh goodness, was the food beyond delicious! Turns out it was an all organic restaurant. The beef was organic grass fed, the salad was all organic (like pulled from the garden and washed organic). It was delicious! The young man serving us (it was a family ran business) told us that Benbow was indeed going to have fireworks and rooms at the Inn were indeed expensive. When we decided that maybe we would stay at that Inn anyway, being historical and stuff, the young man offered to call and check availability. What a guy! No room at the inn though.

Restaurant where the food was delicious and motel that wasn’t so great in Garberville

There was a motel next door to the restaurant. We decided to stay there and then drive out to Benbow. We walked next door and paid for a room. I went to walk to our room and there was a gal, (definitely NOT a lady) standing in her doorway practically yelling into her phone, every other word was a curse word. Great. the room next to ours had a bbq going outside of it and a boom box blaring music. There was a party at the other end. There was no way in this lifetime was I staying there. Back to the office, got a refund and we headed on down the road.


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