My Birthday!

Well its next month, but..

My birthday is next month. I am writing about it this month because we tend to celebrate my birthday and my wedding anniversary together with a trip of some sort. One year we went to Disneyland, one we went to San Diego Zoo and Wildlife Park along with a visit to Sea Life Park. Last year, we rode a jet boat a hundred miles up the Rogue river and went to the Trees of Mystery. We have a lot of fun.

I never had a real birthday party growing up. Well, we had family parties, but I never had the kind of party where you invite all your friends and play silly games eat cake and get presents. I went to a few, but not many. Living on a military base my friends tended to move away and when I was older I just don’t make friends that easily. Don’t get me wrong, I want to be your friend and I can talk to anyone about anything, I just have a hard time opening up about deeper things and making those connections. With few friends and my mom not doing birthday parties, I just never had one and haven’t had one yet.

We did celebrate birthdays though. We got cake and ice cream. The cake was sometimes left in the pan, but my favorite was when it was on a cake plate. Mom had a big, rectangular, plastic one with a lid she got from Tupperware. That was the best because all the sides got frosting. I was interested in that frosting. I couldn’t care less about the cake and the ice cream. I was that kid who licked all the frosting off the cupcake and threw away the cake. I, to this day, do not understand people who don’t like frosting.

If you were the birthday girl at my house you got to pick what you had for breakfast and dinner. It was a big decision. When I was little I wanted pancakes for breakfast and fried chicken for dinner. My mom made the best Southern fried chicken, all fried up in Crisco. When I got a bit older I wanted the poor man’s version of Veal Parmesan. When you could still get them before people started to feel bad for cows, baby cows, in particular, Mom used frozen breaded veal patties. She would put them in a pan through some tomato sauce thickening with that dried, shredded Parmesan cheese that comes in a bottle. A few pieces of cheese on top of every patty, Into the oven for everything to get hot and, walla, veal Parmesan.

This year, I do not think we can take a big trip like we usually do. With the Virus, a lot of things are still shut down. I am bummed out about that, but I get it. I am high risk so in a way, even though I don’t get to do what I want to do, I appreciate it. That along with the riots that are happening, I don’t feel safe going too far from home. So, maybe some Day Trips or even an overnight trip, staying at hotels that were excellent before. One thing I know for sure, next month is my birthday.