Moving, Stress, Weight Loss

The last couple of weeks have been CRAZY. Lots going on. SO much stress that I needed some down time, something to get out of my head so I had my son take me to the Academy of Science’s The Color of Life  exhibit. The picture above was taken from the top of the museum building looking at the fog rolling in. The exhibit was nice, and I will probably do a post on the museum itself. I was a little bit disappointed in the shirts for the color of life exhibit . I did get a mug thought that I like.

What has been going on? Life. Life has been a bit surprising lately.  Besides having to work 6 days a week for the last month. we also have to move. We have been living in the same house for ever. We made the choice to lease the house rather then buy so that my kids could go to the schools, have the same basic circle of friends and enjoy the middle class life. I never had that. Not the middle class part I had that until my mom and dad got divorced then we were poor. When you got seven kids and no child support or alimony, one doesn’t usually have a lot of extra money. We were also in the military for along time so if we weren’t moving then other kids were moving all the time, no such thing as long term friends.

My husband , on the other hand, pretty much lived in the same place all his life. His mo and dad had local businesses. He ha friends he has known since kindergarten. He can talk about the area we live in in terms of what was there and how many things have changed. Sometimes it sucks when he is with friends and reminiscing  because they can talk about stuff I have no clue about.

It is my husband’s life, that I wanted my kids to have. I wanted them to be in the same area, the same friends, everything my husband had. I wanted their spouses girlfriends or boyfriends to be a little left out when they all get together to talk. That is what we gave the kid, but we never put money aside or buy a house. When the landlord called and gave us 60 days to move my life was thrown into a tizzy.

That was a couple of weeks ago. Since then we have managed to get 6 months instead of 60 days. It is weird though because in my head I feel very, very unstable. I feel has if I am in a void. I guess having a home is more important to me than I ever thought.  Maybe it is even not a place , maybe it is the thought of having nowhere to go. We have looked at a lot of places and none feel like home.  My husband , I don’t think he understands.  Did give him to the end of august to have a solid do-able plan.  Maybe then I will be calmer.

I did learn that I do not eat out of stress. Quite the opposite. I hardly eat at all That is, of course, just as horrible for healthy weight loss as over eating or eating the “bad” stuff. I am still walking because that helps  me calm down a lot.  I am down to 175. I have to admit I like seeing that darn scale go more to the right. It is kind of  nice to have those pounds fall off. I physically feel a little better. It is all in the head, the stress part.  Maybe I can keep the needle going in the right direction.