Moose Hunting Joke


TMoosehese three Moose hunters fly to Alaska and charter a float plane to fly back to this lake they visited last year. They land on the lake and the pilot taxis up to the point and lets the men out. They unload their gear and the pilot announces that he’ll be back in three days.


Three days later, the pilot lands on the lake and taxis up to the point. The men load the gear and then strap a moose onto the pontoons.


The pilot then says, “That’s It. Let’s go.”


One of the men says,


“What do you mean that’s it. We have two more moose to load.”


The men and the pilot then get into a long discussion about the carrying capacity of the plane, the temperature and the lift of the air, the length of the lake, the weight of the men and the gear and the moose.


Finally, one of the men says, “Look. Last year we took off from this same lake with the same kind of aircraft, the same wind and weather conditions, the same three men, the same gear and three moose.”


And a bit later in the argument, he adds: “The only difference between this year and last year is the Pilot!”


They continue to argue and finally persuade the pilot to do it. So they load the other two moose on the aircraft and strap them down on the plane.



They then taxi to the far end of the lake and turn the plane around. The pilot shuts it off and the men get out and drag it back into the weeds. They then get back into the plane and grab hold of the trees and branches. The pilot restarts the plane and revs it all the way up. At top speed, he shouts, “Let go.” The plane begins to go faster and faster across the lake.


Finally, the plane takes off.


But the pontoons hit the top of the branches. The plane goes end over end…. The men go flying. The gear goes flying….The moose go flying….


After a few moments, one of the men comes to.


He looks around and yells, “Bill!”


After a moment , he hears, “Joe!”


“Bill — where are we?” 

“Joe ….. Looks like about fifty feet farther than last year!”