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M ON S T E R S !

B Movies are my friends

Originally written by me October 2107

I am a fan of those bad B-rated monster movies.  I love anything with monsters, zombies, dark and stormy nights, and so forth.  My particular favorites are giant any things, such as Gila Monsters, Bunnies, Spiders, Ants, crocodiles and the like.  I have loved watching this type of movies since I was a kid.  You have to admit that they are predictable and  that’s half of the fun. There are only a few plots used for each and every one of these movies.

Alien Intervention

The first one is “Alien Intervention”.  Aliens come down to earth and do one of three things.  They attack us, they are here to help us from impending attack by another alien species, or they create a situation which turns ordinary animals into man-eating, city destroying monsters.  The last is usually something like unintended radiation from the alien ship that turns peaceful, natural-law abiding lizards into killers.

Man Poking His Nose Into Places He Shouldn’t Be

The second one is “Man Poking His Nose Into Places He Shouldn’t Be”.  This includes islands that have never been discovered before, under the sea, under the earth accessible only by cave.  It is in these places that you find things like dinosaurs, evolution gone wrong and other unknown species that have existed for millions of years.  The best one in this category for me is the island scenario.  The island has remained undiscovered because it is either covered by an impenetrable fog, it floats around the ocean or both.  It is usually found accidentally by lost seafarers and airplane accident.  Oh, the monsters on that island!

I will admit this one was so bad I could not finish watching.

Toxic Waste

The third plot is the “Toxic Waste”.  This includes some evil corporation dumping toxic waste of some kin into a peaceful body of water and/or vacant lot, a factory which produces toxic emissions, a farmer, city worker, well-meaning citizen spraying their home, lot, park, farm with chemicals to rid themselves of weeds and/or bugs. This is usually where you find giant ants, giant spiders and killer slugs.

Evil Expirement

The last plot is the “Evil Experiment”.  This plots includes the evil, crazy scientist doing experiments, the well-meaning scientist looking to help out humanity and the military looking for a better way to take down the enemy.  Here you find humans that have been transformed into half man, half beast.  You find animals that normally wouldn’t attack going crazy (think sheep). 

I love these movies and watch a lot of them.  Don’t get me wrong, I like the A-movies, also (even those follow the above plot lines). The difference is  I don’t really want to be scared and I just want to  have a good time!