Killer Pussies

From November 2010 to October 2011, the University of Georgia, along with National Geographic, study the habits of 60 house cats in Athens Georgia. [read study here] They used Kitty Cams, lightweight cameras attached to the cat to recorded the cats activities for 7-10 days. It turns out your pretty Princess or loving Boots are cold-blooded killing machines.



Cast with Kitty Cam


UGA recorded about 37 hours of video for each kitty participant. 44% of those recorded were efficient the hunters. But it also turns out that they did not hund just for food and that the mouse they lovingly bring home to you represents only 23% of what they killed. 28% was actually eaten but a whopping 49% was left to rot.

Tabby also tends to engage in some risky behaviors.  85% of the cats engaged in at least one risky behavior. Would you believe it? Male cats were more likely to engage in the risky stuff whereas girl kitties and senior citizens were less likely to do so. Time spent outside did have an effect. More time outside, more likely to get all dangerous.

It also turns out that your kitty may also not be as loyal as you think. Four of the participants were recorded going into another home for not only food but affection. yep, Fluffy has been cheating on you!

Next time you are petting sweet little snowball, who is purring on your lap, remember you are the owner of a killing machine who probably has another family down the street.

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