green horse

Horses always seem like just big dogs to me. Loyal and smart, they can be your best friend. When I was a kid, I was down right horse crazy. When I wasn’t riding, I drew horses, I thought about horses and I read about horses. Here are three stories about horses. I think you will enjoy them.


There is a horse in western Frankfurt, Germany named Jenny who goes on walks by her self. Seems this horse is a social sort and after her owner got to old to go riding, Jenny decided to go alone. Every morning Werner Weischedel lets the mare out to go exercise herself. She sports a note on her bridle that says ” My name is Jenny, I have not run away, just going for a walk, thanks.”

Read story at link below.

Horse Uses Rope To Free Itself

Then there is this horse. Guess he doesn’t want to be in tied down today. He uses the rope he is tied to the fence with to get his harness off. He doesn’t run off, just didn’t like have such a short lead Clever animal!

Stanford, Horses, and Moving Pictures

AND last but not least. Did you know a horse helped to start the entire film industry? Movies or “Moving Pictures” were invented, in part, because Leland Standford had a bet with some of his peers that all four of a horse’s hooves left the ground when running. In order to prove it, he contacted Eadweard (sic)Muybridge a photographer to settle the bet. Muybridge had to invent a way to show the horse in motion . See what happens when you click the link below.