Home Stretch, Thanksgiving, What Diet?

This last couple of weeks have been eaten up by Thanksgiving and more and more paperwork for the loan company doing our new home loan. How was your Thanksgiving? Mine was amazing. I ate too much and had too much fun. I enjoyed shopping for and making the meal with my son’s girl. Kee is a pleasure to be with.  Loan  people on the other hand. Ok that is not fair. Our broker has done nothing but help us through the process. It is my own logic loving that doesn’t understand all the whys and wherefores. However, this Saturday we go sign the papers. Thinking we might be done with this.

Signing papers and the following week we get the keys. Of course this means , I have to pack up my house. I already been through the house and the closets. I threw away (or gave away) stuff that I no longer need. Most of it was stuff that I forgot I had.  Some of the clothes were a little tough to give up. It was those clothed that I had just bought right before I got sick. Never got to wear it because, lucky me, my weight ballooned with the meds and the hanging round on the couch trying not to croak.  Anyway I gave them away because I still haven’t been able to lose the weight.

I guess honestly, I decided that the clothes as cute as they are, may or may not ever fit. If I do manage to lose the weight, might take about a year to do so.  In that time I might not want to wear clothes I have had for 5 years. ( I am counting the years of being super sick and then the half year of not so sick). Beside my honey promised if I get to a weight that I am comfortable in then he will take me on a shopping spree. Don’t get him wrong. He wants me to be lighter so I am healthier so we can go play more and I am around longer.  Me, I just want the dern shopping spree. How fun would that be?

O know that I have not been writing much, no stories, not many blog posts. But I promise it will happen. I had no idea how immerse I would be in the loan process. I go to work, I come home, I find and then fax stuff, then again, nap, eat and sleep. That truly has been my days. Soon I will be in the new place and I will be unpacking. First there is the signing, the keys, not to mention packing and  then Christmas.article-2521208-19FFC4A400000578-280_634x382