A day in the life

Happy Thanksgiving

I am taking this moment to wish you all a very Happy Thanksgiving. My family typically does not do the Thanksgiving Dinner thing. As my children got older and my own family moved farther and farther away, I decided not to deal with the stress of it all. I decided that the real deal, the real reason I liked Thanksgiving in the first place was the company. It is that company that I did not get to enjoy as much because I was in the kitchen worrying about food. After dinner, I was worried about clean up. So I gave up the hours and hours of shopping, prep time, cooking and cleanup. In it’s place I made pizzas and we watched football and played cards and enjoy each others company.
There have been a few times that we have been invited to another’s house for dinner. My favorite has been going to my father-in-laws. Grandpa bear and son D have lived in the family house together. In true bachelor style, Grandpa would order Thanksgiving Dinner from Safeway. Which I will say was not a bad dinner. All one did was warm up the stuffs and Wa La..dinner was served.
After dinner, we played cards. Poker. Penny poker. Now that was a blast. Grandpa Bear was a hilarious. He would have the best jokes and he would tell tales of his life, family tales, Merchant Marine tales. It was good times my friend. He will be missed
However, you celebrate Thanksgiving this year, I wish you happiness, fun, laughter and love. Oh, and of course, a tummy full of goodness.