A day in the life

Happy Animals

imagesWhen us humans are happy we smile, we laugh, we clap our hands, sometimes we jump for joy. We as a species can be very expressive in our happiness. Can other species express happiness? Some scientists say yes, where many others say that we are anthropomorphising the animals, that is giving them human qualities they do not have. I believe, however, that animals do feel emotions. I think that if your dog feels fear than certainly it feels the other end of the spectrum. Happiness , i would like to believe is not just a human quality, that is it a feeling that other species have.  The animals below seem happy. What do you think?

When a rabbit is happy it will sometimes jump in the air twist it’s body. This is called a binky.

Japanese macaques make snowballs. There is no obvious advantage involved with this behavior, it is apparently just for fun!

Rats laugh when tickled!

Bonobos also laugh when tickled

When a horse is happy and wants to share his affection he will “share” his breath with you. Nuzzling his a horses way of saying I love you and I am happy.

Happy cats purr.

and of course everyone knows when a dog is happy!