My Thighs Hurt OR Exercising With Lung Disease

my thighs hurt non sexy picture of some random picture of thighs that dont look anything like minee

my thighs hurt non sexy picture of some random picture of thighs that dont look anything like mineeGood Golly my thighs hurt. They hurt worse than when I don’t take my magnesium and my legs cramp. Yep that bad. And the worse part? It will continue. Yes, I am exercising and I did lunges and squats…..aaaaagh.
My first year living with lung disease I was sick, A LOT, and when I wasn’t sick, I was recovering from surgery on my face. Well my sinuses. I got some of those bad boys enlarged and my turbinates’ were cut and reduced and other stuff that the nose doc told me about but I forget already. I sent the whole year just trying to breathe. And lying down. And eating. And then eating some more. Prednisone does that to you.
I have been on so much steorids that the joke around my house is that I am almost ready for major league baseball. Of course, it I am not taking that kind of steroids but you have to laugh. The two side effects I got with the steroids was to be moody, including paranoia (rare but it is truly a side effect) and the other side effect was to be HUNGRY. I mean like ravishing must eat now or I will die hungry. Not really understanding why I ate. I ate my way into a huge weight gain. Ugh.
Therefore, I started to exercise but I was supervised. I was sent to Pulmonary Rehabilitation Therapy. There I learned how to eat, how to take my meds, how to control and recognize symptoms I needed to go the doctors for. I learned how to stay as healthy as could and to try to stay away from people who have colds and other illness so I could stay out of hospital. I did pretty well with that part. I only went one time to ER so far. I hope that is all I ever do. Mostly importantly though I learned how to exercise. There are a few more “rules” I must pay heed to.
First, I need to pre-medicate. That is I need to take my rescue albuterol fifteen minutes before I exercise. I also had to get rid of the thought that if I am not breathing hard I am not doing anything for my cardio. In my case, that is hogwash. At the therapy sessions, when I am exercising they technicians monitor you. They take your O2 stats and they take your blood pressure and pulse. Well, guess what, after fifteen minutes on a treadmill doing a 1% grade and having a speed of two on a scale of 1 to ten, myblood pressure drops and so does my oxygen. It also does that after 10 minutes and after five minutes. It is not because I are fat it is because of my lung disease my heart and lungs work super hard with a little bit of effort.
Anyway, I learned how to monitor myself and how to stop when I need to. When I regain my breathing and my pressure lightens up then I can restart. During this whole last year I have indeed exercised just haven’t exercised on a regular basis. I have been doing a little here and there, as I felt good. I will also throw in here that I did walk a 5k. That was in March. Honestly took me almost a week to recover form that. Again, that was in March. It is now May and I am exercising with a plan this time.
See my honey promised me a shopping spree if and when I lose weight. Don’t get him wrong. He loves me just the way I am and has supported me in anything. Therefore, it is not an incentive because he don’t like the way I look. It is an incentive because he knows I do not like it. I have always been thin. All my life. Until I got lung disease, quit smoking and started meds that make it impossible to lose weight like normal people.
SO my thighs hurt. If something drops on the floor, it is staying there. I am seriously thinking of using the bathroom in a manly way. I wish I were joking. I am not… The saddest (?) part is that tomorrow I will exercise again. And the day after. I will exercise while I am feeling good. Exercise while I have energy and air to do so. Let us see if along with my already good for you diet this will help me lose some weight it can’t be nothing but good. I can’t help but think if I do, I will be able to breathe better, and I know I will feel better.

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