When my children were young, I used to tell them stories. Stories I made up on the spot. One of the favorites was a story about a fairy named Froy and a teeny tiny Unicorn named Tytand and their adventures while out to save the world. Over the years I have sat down to write the story, I usually got a little of it written before I started to complicate the process. It seems that I had learned too much, had gotten too much of an education on how to write. I kept stopping to write character synopsis, plot outlines, and all the other stuff one who is educated is supposed to do in order to create a great story.
It is not due to lack of encouragement. Not at all. Those who have heard the story (the kids, especially my daughter and other folks) , those who have read some of it and those who have heard the premise have all encouraged me to write it down. Again I tried, but I got in my way. Well, after a special request from a friend, I have decided that I am going to throw  all those outlines, characterizations, plot logic, all that stuff away. I am just going to write the darn story and to hell with making sense. I will be serialising it here, on the blog. I hope you enjoy it.



In a small forest that was in a park on the outskirts of a large city there was a meadow. It was not your ordinary, everyday, average meadow. Nope, this was a special meadow, a magical meadow.  Thousands of years ago, the King of the Fairies placed a magical spell around this meadow. The Fairy King’s name? It was Rumpel, perhaps you have heard of him? No? Well, anyway Rumpel placed this magical spell around the meadow to make it invisible to the people, the humans. It was a strong spell, only the creatures of the forest and the fairy folk could see it.
Everyday, the people would walk right by the meadow, not seeing it. They built their homes, their stores and their factories all around it. They put their garbage and wastes around it. The humans polluted their water, their food and  their air. They took from the earth and forgot to give back until there was nothing much left for the humans outside. So they built themselves large closed domes around their cities, went inside and stayed there. They did all this, those humans, and they never saw the meadow.
They never got to to see the brilliant flowers that decorated the velvet grass or the fanciful butterflies dancing in the sunlight. The Humans never tasted the clear air or drank of the sweet water from the stream. The saddest of all, however, is that they never saw the magnificent Golden egg in its nest of soft green moss in the center of the meadow. That Egg is why Rumpel cast the spell around the meadow.
Only Ringle, the son of Rumpel actually knew the reason for the spell. The other fairy folk and the creatures of the meadow knew about the egg. What they didn’t know is why the Egg was there and why it was so protected. They did not know how it got there.  Who put it there. They knew it was special. Any Golden Egg had to be special, but not every Golden Egg had an ancient fairy spell to protect. Not every Golden Egg was cared for by fairy children….



To be continued……..

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