the barrier

As usual Froy had tripped over his too big wings, fell off the platform and hit his head. When he came too he found he was talking to the unicorn, in his head. [read here]

Froy reached behind and using his fingers, explored the back of his head. He was pretty sure there had to be a bump. He hit it hard when he fell. Not finding one, he gingerly turned his head side to side, maybe he broke his neck. No, Froy remember that his best friend Alfin broke his neck last year, he wasn’t moving his head. He hadn’t moved much of anything since. Nope. No broken neck. it seemed as if his head was just fine. Maybe it was something he ate. Something that had turned a little and now is giving him hallucinations. No other reason for an unicorn to talk to him in his head.

“I m talking to you in your head because that is how I talk.”

There it was again, the bell voice in his head.

“Stop it” Froy turned his head to look a the unicorn. He stood up and walked back to the edge of the platform. “I do not want you to talk to me. I am not crazy. Only crazy fairies have things that don’t exist talk to them and you are a unicorn you do not exist.”

“I do exist. And could you kindly just think what you want to say. When you think and talk at the same time it echoes. Badly. Horrible sound. Besides, now all those fairies behind you are going to think you are crazy.”

Froy turned around. Sure enough the entire village was staring at him like he had grown three heads. Great. Froy smiled at the group.

“I’m OK. I tripped, its all OK…nothing to worry about.” Froy waved to the crowd with both hands.

Froy’s father came through the crowd., followed by the rest of Froy’s family.

“Froy my boy. I am so proud of you. You being a hero and everything.” Father slapped him on the back

“I am not a hero dad. Why do you think I am a hero? I haven’t done nothing.” Froy was a bit confused.

It seemed like no one quite understood that he was not going to be their hero. He was not going to save…wait..what was he supposed to save? It didn’t matter. He wasn’t going to do it. There were others who much better picks. Like Bin. Bin was perfect.  He was big and strong and the best player on the Dodge em team.

“Froy you are the one. It has to be you. And We have to save the world. I think.”

“You think?” Froy turned around again and looked at the Unicorn. “You think? Don’t YOU know? What the heck is this all about then?”

Froy threw his hands up and turned and walked towards his home.. The crowd parted as he walked through them staring at him as he passed. It was very quiet until his little sister yelled at the top of her lungs

“Froy! That’s not the way to the barrier, Froy! Froy! You going the wrong way again!”

The Barrier?

“Yes, Froy the barrier. We have to leave here in order to do what we have to do.”

“Great You can talk  to me long distance.”  Froy turned to find the Unicorn right behind him. “Or maybe not. Why are we going to the barrier? What do we have to do? Why me? I don’t even think I like you! Pick someone else.”

“No Froy you are the one. Not any Fairy could have cracked my egg. It had to be the right Fairy. The one that had been chosen. You are it. It doesn’t matter if you like me. I am not sure I even like you. It makes no difference. We are going to go. The longer you delay the longer it is going to take before we get back.”

The little unicorn started to walk and Froy walked with him. The entire village followed.

“Fine. I will go but only if you tell me one thing. How are we gonna save the world. What is wrong with it.”

“I do not know how.” The little unicorn stopped walking and looked at Froy. “I do not know why. I know that this is our purpose. I know that we have to find the others. I know that we can only do it together.”

“Is there anything you do know?” Froy was frustrated. It really was too much for a Fairy to deal with.

“I know we are here.”

Froy looked up. They were at the Barrier. The Magical Barrier that protected this woods. Froy had no idea what was on the other side. He was never one of those Fairies that came and stared out, looking for something. He was told as a child that monsters lived on the other side and he believed it. He didn’t want to see them. He was told that if he touched the Barrier he would get hit with little lightening. He believed that too and had never tried. Yet, here he was. At the Barrier with the entire village expecting him to go through it. He will get killed.

“You will not die. I promise”

“Fine, then I am going to touch it and you watch. It will shoot its lightening at me and I will die. Then who you going to convince to go with you? No one. That’s who!”

Froy reached out and touched the barrier.

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