Froy..Beyond the Barrier

Froy had found himself at the barrier, about to embark on a journey to save the earth. He had no idea how or where or what but he had swallowed his fear (kinda) and put out his hand to touch the barrier. [read Here]

Froys eye were tightly closed as he reached toward the barrier.  He hoped that when the lightening reached out to him it wouldn’t hurt to much. If there wasn’t any lighting he really, really hoped there were not monsters on the other side waiting to eat him the moment he stepped through. Oh this was not turning out to be such a great day. Squeezing his eyes even harder, Froy took a step forward. Only to feel hands jerking him back.
Froy opened his eyes. “What the Gads! You want me to go save everything and then you don’t let me. Is this some kind of trick Froy day?”
He shrugged off the hands still gripping his shoulders and turned around to find himself facing the King. “your highness! I am ..”
“Oh stuff it” the King replied. You can’t go without some provisions Froy. We are not going to send you out with nothing but a little unicorn and the clothes on your back.” The King beckoned behind him.
Several Fairies came forward. The King grabbed the cloak the first one held and put it on Froy.
It’s a really nice cloak,” Froy thought. He reached up and put the hood over his head. “Really nice indeed.”
“I agree” the Little Unicorn looked admiringly at Froy. “Makes you look like a hero too.”
Froy grunted  and removed the hood, sticking his tongue out at Tytand.  The king handed him a rolled sleeping mat and rusack with extra boots and clothing. Froy thanked the King who scolded him when he tried to bow, saying something about heros bowing to no kng. The head priest came forward and gave him a sturdy walking stick. It was a good one but Froy had never used a walking stick. They were for old fairies and priests. The religious man who was both leaned forward and whispered into Froy’s ear.
“This stick beside helping you walk over rough terrain, it is also very heavy on the top and can knock out the most fierce fairy or beast.”
Froy blinked and looked at the Priest. Priests were suppose to be all gentle and kind. Well the things one learns. Froy was still looking at the priest when his his family approached. Oh Gads! His mother was going to cry, Froy just knew it. His brothers and sisters reached him first and enveloped Froy into a giant fairy hug. For once, Froy liked it,he usually didn’t go for the mushy stuff, but today, it felt good. He started to kiss his little sisters on their heads but when he did they yelled at him for being yucky and ran off, dispersing the fairy hug ball.  His Mother reached up and patted his cheek. Yep, she was crying.
“Aw mom don’t cry” Froy started to feel awkward. He never knew what to do when a girl cried and it was worse when that girl was his mom. Was he supposed to say something or hug or something?
“Son, these are tears of joy. My going to go adventuring. Now I don’t know about all the saving the world stuff but I know if anyone can do it it would be my son Froy.” She put a small sack into Froy’s hands. “ Now here you go. A little something to make you feel better on the road. There is some Acorn Pancakes, some Treebark candy, some Watercress cookies  and there is a flask of Fermented Pine. I know that is your favorite.”
His mom gave him a quick peck on the cheek, smile and then turned and walked back to the ring of Fairies watching. Froy was pretty sure most of them were there to see him get killed. It was okay, he would too. Suddenly Froy was lifted off his feet.
Froy looked down at his dad’s face. “Hi Dad” he squeaked
“Froy, my son”, Father put him on his feet, a little hard and Froy almost fell over. “You are finally the Fairy I thought you were. I was going to wait until you were older  but I think you deserve this now.”
Froy looked down at his father’s outstretched hands. His father was holding a beautiful little dagger. The blade was perfect and the handle was carved with Froy’s name.
“Thank you Father. It is beautiful.” Froy took the dagger. It felt perfect in his hands, the weight was perfect, the handle fit perfect, it was the perfect blade. He put into his waistband.
“Thank you” he repeated.
His father nodded and walked away.
Froy looked up at the Fairies all waiting in anticipation. He looked at his Mother and Father who were smiling. He looked at the King who nodded.Finally he looked at the Priest who also nodded.
“Well, guess it is time to go” he said shakily and turned back to the Barrier
“It’s about time” Tytand stood up from where he had been laying in the grass  “You are taking forever. “
The little Unicorn walked to the Barrier and walked right through. Froy stared at where the Unicorn had been.
He turned back to the Priest and stammered, “He just disappeared! You want me to go through that! I don’t think so!”
The Priest rolled his eyes. He put both hands on Froy’s chest and pushed.

Froy flew through the air and landed on his rear. “Hey! He shouted. “You cant do that!”
Tyand trotted over to him “Do what ?”
“That stupid priest pushed me and I almost fell through the Barrier and then I……” Froy trailed off as he looked around. He was sitting on a carpet of pine needles in a dark forest. There were shafts of light coming through the trees and Froy could hear the buzzing of insects and somewhere the was the call of a bird. Froy did not know what kind of bird as he had not really heard that song before. It smelled damp and rich and old. He spied Tytand.
“But you went through the Barrier already! Where is the village? where is my meadow? Where am I? Last thing I remember is that nasty old priest pushing me . Wait a minute…did he push me through .am I…..” Froy’s eyes grew big, “I am here aren’t I”
Yes Froy,. You are here. You are on the other side of the barrier.”

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