Froy..And So It Begans

Froy was finally through the Barrier. {read here}. He wasn’t killed or maimed despite his fears. He is a little disoriented as he had been pushed through the Barrier by the priest and so was still trying to gather his wits. Lets join our less than enthusiastic hero.

Froy stood up and brushed off his rear end. He took few steps forward with his arms outstretched.
So where is the village? Why can’t I see it?” He asked the little white unicorn.
It is on the other side of the barrier. Froy it is magical. It’s purpose is to hide the meadow!”
Well then it should be right here!”Froy closed his eyes and took a few steps more, giving a small push forward.
“AHA! I’m back!” He declared turimphantly
He opened his eyes expecting to see his family and the villagers only to find himself right back where he had landed on his rear.
UH? What is going on here. It should be straight ahead.”
Froy, does your brain reside in yOur arse? I told you it is a MAGICAL barrier. You know that. You can’t find it from this side.”
Aw come on. I am a Fairy. Fairies created the barrier. The barrier was to keep out other things not Fairies! I just need to find the right spot.
Froy moved to the right and again with arms outstretched walk to where the barrier should be. Again he found himself back where he started. Froy tried moving to the left with the same results.
 Satisfied?” Tytand asked him. “Can we move on now
Froy shook his head. “No, I think I need to go at an angle and faster!
That is exactly what the Fairy did, head on, from the left, from the right, at an angle, all to find himself where he started. Finally after one last huge effort at speed and angle, Froy flopped down on his rear end, breathing heavily.
Gads!” he panted “This is stupid. What am I going to do.
I know! How about we go ahead and walk down this path?
Froy looked at the Unicorn who was laying down on a soft patch of moss, looking annoyed.
Can Unicorns be annoyed?” he thought, only to have the unicorn confirm that, yes, indeed they can get annoyed especially with stubborn Fairies.
Froy sighed and got up. He gathered his things and with a even bigger sigh said, “Ok, let’s go. Fine. I am going to getting eaten by monsters I am pretty sure. And it is going to be your fault you stupid unicorn.
Tytand also rose. “You will be fine. You are a magical fairy remember? you can just go ahead a vaporize any monsters.
Froy  picked up his packs and walked between the trees. grumbling under his breath.
Not funny. The Unicorn is not funny he is going to get us killed with his funny that is what is going to happen…
Tytand followed behind Froy, listening to his grumbling.
The path they were on was made of leaves and moss and some  wet dirt.The trees  towered above obscuring the sunlight for the most part, although every once in a while a slice of sunlight pushed it’s way through, spilling light on the forest floor. These little puddles of light were  home to flowers of pink and purple and blue. There was the sound of insects and loud calls from birds high in the treetops. Every  now and then as the pair trudged through the forest, small rustlings on the side of the path gave away where a creature of some sort had moved through the underbrush.
Froy barely saw all of this as he was still grumbling about getting killed by monsters and being a hero and stupid unicorns with glowy horns who talk in your head. Tytand had had just about enough of the complaining when he tumbled into Froy who had stopped in front of him.
Um Tytand, what is that!” Froy asked the unicorn.
Tytand looked around Froy to see what seemed liked an egg with a small head coming out of it. The head was green with red eyes and little tiny horns on the top of it’s head. Tytand though it looked adorable and came around Froy  to get a better look.
that is a …” Tytand didnt get a chance to finish.
At that moment the little head opened a mouth full of tiny sharp looking teeth and said
Froy screamed and jumped behind Tytand.
“What the Gads is that!” he yelled.
Tytand shook his head, “Froy please talk in your mind only it echoes badly when you talk AND think and when you yell it hurts!
Ok,” Froy replied as he backed away, “What the Gads is that?”
Don’t be silly Froy it is only a baby. I think it is a dragon, it wont hurt you.
Froy peered closely at the creature. It looked like the pictures of dragons but it was kinda small. He always thought dragons were huge.  This was, well, little. It was just a little bigger than Froy himself. A baby.
Froy decided to go ahead and get a closer look. He walk towards the dragon thing in the egg hold his walking stick at the ready.  As he got closer he saw that the it was indeed a dragon and it was cute. The little  guy  was green but the scales on his nose seemed to have a golden sheen to them. The eyes that looked red from afar were a rainbow of colors depending on which way you looked at them. It was kinda cute. The dragon opened his mouth and gronked again. Ok those teeth weren’t cute, but all in in all it looked harmless especially still stuck in a shell.
Froy feeling better turned to tell Tytand that they should go on and get moving when he was tackled from the back. He fell to the ground with something heavy on his back. Oh, he forget about the mother. Where there is a baby there is a mother. She was on his back and going to eat him! He screamed and passed out.


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