Froy 5

Froy  had fallen asleep with a teeny tiny unicorn in his lap [read here]. Let’s see what happens next.

Someone was poking Froy. Again. Why did everyone like to poke him when he was sleeping? Fine he will get up. He opened his eyes and found himself looking at the unicorn.  With a start, he remembered what had happened. That golden horn, that was what was poking him in the side.  Froy scootched  back. As he did, one of the priests ran forward and put a pillow under the unicorns head. Froy had forgotten about them too. He hated priests, they were boring and solemn and everything was so serious with them.
Froy stood up. He was hungry and intended to go get something to eat, preferably far away from this platform. He really did not want to be a part of this. A unicorn. Indeed. Froy reached the edge of the platform and intended to jump down when he heard his name being called. He turned
It was the Head Priest. Froy couldn’t remember his name but he was the most boring of them all. Froy thought about ignoring him. It was too late though. The priest had came closer to Froy and began to speak.
“You know you can’t leave. You have been chosen. You are important Froy. We will get you whatever you need but you cannot leave. You are the Chosen One.”
The Chosen One?  Chosen for WHAT?  I do not want to be chosen for nothing. I want to go home and get some food.”
Froy turned back around and as he prepared to climb down the platform, he heard a small sniffing. He looked up. The whole village was still sitting there. Looking.  At him. Froy turned back to the priest.
“What’s with them? Why are the still there?”
The priest shook his head. “You do not get it do you Froy? Froy, son, you are the Chosen One. The Egg hatched and the Unicorn chose you. You are the one who will help the Unicorn save the earth.  The legends have been right. Everything that has happened has happened just as the legends said they would.”
“Um, well, no. I do not want to be a Chosen One or anything like it. I don’t care about legends. I am hungry. I am not a hero. I am not going to save nothing except room for dessert. I do not want a Unicorn. I can’t take care of one. I do not even know what they eat! How am I going to care for one? Answer that!”
The priest grabbed Froy by the hands. “Froy, we have food over here for you, just for you.”
The priest led Froy to a table laden with fruits, breads, and dishes of all kinds. Froy’s stomach complained about its empty state as Froy gazed upon the fare.  He shook of the priest and went over to the table. He grabbed a handful of Acorn finger cakes and stuffed them into his mouth. His eyes gazed upon some pine candies and he stuffed those in his mouth as well. Froy walked the tables stuffing his mouth with whatever he saw that looked delicious. Unfortunately, almost everything he saw looked delicious and he left a trail of crumbs and half-chewed chunks that had fallen out of his mouth as he stuffed new food into it.
“Well,” he thought, “I guess if being a chosen one means this kind of food then that would be ok with me. I guess I could feed the horse whatever I don’t like to eat. Or something. Wonder what a one horned horse eats? And how the hell are we supposed to save the world. I trip over my wings too many times and that horse is kind of tiny. Oh are those dandelion sandwiches?”
“Froy,” the priest had come up behind Froy. “Froy you should leave some food for the others. We need to get you changed and prepped for the blessing before you go off to do your part as The Chosen One.”
“Where am I going? And what’s wrong with what I am wearing?”
“You and the Unicorn will go outside the perimeter and you are not dressed for whatever you might encounter on your journey.  You will need much. And you will need blessings.”
“Outside? Nope. You are crazy. No one goes outside there perimeter. The spell will kill you like that” Froy snapped his fingers. “Beside I am not taking care of any one horned horse. Isn’t no way. And I am no hero or chosen or whatever. Legend,whatever. I am going home.”
Again, Froy walked to the edge of the platform. As he reached it, his left wing got under him and he tripped. He fell forward and down. Froy did try to grab the edge of the wooden platform  but was unable to get purchase. He hit the ground with a thump, knocking the breath out of himself.
“Great. Just great.” He thought as he laid there gasping for breath. “See no Chosen One. Chosen Ones do not trip over their own wings. Wish I never cracked that Golden Egg or seen that stupid one horned horse. What a pain.”
A voice, which sounded a bit like the tinkling of little bells, seemed to come from inside of Froy’s head. “My name is Tytand.”
“What?” Froy stuttered and opened his eyes.
Looking down at him from the edge of the platform was the Unicorn.
“My Name is Tytand. I am a Unicorn. I am different from a one horned horse. There is no more of those.”
Froy sat up. He must have hit his head on something when he fell.  He could have sworn he just had a conversation in his head with a Unicorn.
“You did. And my name is Tytand.”

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