Froy 4

When we last left Froy he was asleep while the rest of the Fairy Folk dressed in their finest clothing and had gathered to celebrate the cracking of the Egg. Well, actually it was more curiosity that had them gathering and the declaration by the King that it should be so.[read last weeks installment here]

Froy felt a sharp jab in his side. He waved it away and rolled over, gathering more leaves under his head. He felt  perfectly comfortable right now, just right and ready to go back to his dream. It was the most delicious of dreams as well. He had been seated at a table and all of the fairy folk was bringing him dish after dish of wonderful food. He was eating and eating and eating and it was such a good dream. Look! Here came more pies. Mean, old Mr Needles was smiling as he put the  pie in front of Froy. Mr Needles then jabbed Froy in the side, between the ribs, hard!
“Hey, stop that” Froy demanded.
He tried to push Needles away, but the old man poked him again and giggled. Like a little girl, chanting his name
“Froy Froy Froy”
Each time his name was said, Mr. Needles voice changed from an old, crackly voice to a  high, pitch voice. And giggling, Mr, Needles was giggling?
One more jab and Froy sat up shouting, “Stop it Mr Needles!”
He looked straight at Mr…..err….his sister. Confused Froy looked around. He was sitting next to a tree root. A dream, it was a dream. He felt another jab and swiveled his head to find his sister holding a stick.
“Who’s Mr. Needles?” she asked Froy.
Froy reached over and grabbed the stick  “Mr Needles had pie and stop that”
His sister looked at with one eye closed. ”He had pie? What are you talking about Froy? are you eating bay acorns again?”
Froy stood up and stretched. Remembering the stick in his hand, he broke it in half and tossed it to the side. His little sister was staring at him like he had three heads. He smiled at her.
“What do you want sis? Why you poking me”
“Cause mom says you got to go to festival now. Everybody is there and all the boys are going to get something special. It ain’t fair. If you get something special well you share it with me?” She gave her best smile and looked at him with her big eyes.
“Of course I share it with you, you rascal. I promise”
Happily she grab froy’s hand and lead him to where the Fairy folk had gathered.
The priests had built a small stage around the egg and seeing how it was becoming dark, torches were lit and placed all around it. The Golden Egg looked quite beautiful in the flickering light. Except for the crack. Froy could barely see it but the crack looked much bigger and wider and it seemed as if the egg was rocking back forth. There was something that wanted out of that egg. Froy wasn’t sure he wanted any part of it.
Father caught a glimpse of Froy and strode over. He grab Froy by the arm and lead him over to where the young males of the village were standing in a loose line. Father walked very fast and several times Froy stepped on his wings, tripping and causing the some of the boys to snicker. Froy gave them a nasty look and managed to stay upright as his father shoved him into line.
“What is going on Da?” froy asked
“What is going on?” Hi father hissed. “Only the most important thing in the history of Fairy folk, ever. The egg is hatching. The legend is coming true. It is gonna pick a boy. So stay there!”
“What? A boy? Why? I don’t want to do this Da{.
“Too bad, stand there. You might get to be a hero. The legend says so. You know this.”
Froy sighed. The legend. The legend says that whatever was in the Egg would hatch and choose someone to be a hero. To save mankind. Froy thought that even though some of the legend was true the rest was just made up. Mankind indeed. Mankind, people were just stories made up to scare little fairies who try to go too deep in the forest. Mankind does not exist. Froy was eager to see what was in the Egg, heck who wouldn’t be, but he was not so sure it was a good thing. Looking around he saw all the other fairies standing there in anticipation, eager smiling faces. The males were all in the line. And no one had a weapon, not even a stick. Stupid Fairies what if it was something that wanted to eat them. The women would be okay,  they could fly, unless the thing in the Egg could fly as well. The men were not so lucky. Except Froy and the King, they couldn’t fly. Froy envisioned a panicked mob. He looked up and down the line. Nope, he wasn’t standing here to get crushed when the monster came to eat them. Silently, Froy took a step back and then another until he was up against the nearest tree. He would wait here to see what happened. At least he could fly up the tree and hide in the leaves. Froy turned his attention to the lit platform where a priest was droning on about the legend.
The sound of cracking brought Froy’s attention to the Egg. He watched as a chunk of the shell fell onto the nest.  What was that sticking out. It was gold in color and sharp at the end. It looked like a stick? No, A tooth? A….Froy wasn’t sure, but he was sure that he was glad he wasn’t so close. The priests had also heard the noise and turned to the Egg.  They stared and finally the head priest walked tentatively over to the egg and peered in. He turned back and went over to where the other priest were huddled. He must have said something because all of a sudden the priest started to sing the legend song.
“Once in a time far ago,
Once when all was new
When the sun was aglow
before the people became foe
There was a Fairy brave and true
there was a Fairy much like you”

They went on.The song was rather long and every year a new verse was added. Froy knew the song well, all Fairies did. Froy knew the legend. Froy also knew that something gold was sticking out of the Egg and the priests were singing instead of saying something. Perfect. As Froy stood there trying to decide if now would be a good time to hide, whatever it was in the Egg began to stand up.
There was a gasp throughout the Fairy Folk as all gazed upon the creature in the Egg. Froy froze. It was a….no it couldn’t be it was too little. Yet, it was. Froy thought they were bigger than that. But there it was. All white and wobbly on four skinny legs, bobbing its head as if the golden horn coming out of the forehead was too heavy. Froy was a bit mesmerized by the creature. He watched as the little unicorn gained its balance and finally seemed to be able to hold it’s head up. Froy wondered what color it’s eyes were. He thought about going closer as the others had. He took a step towards the platform when that golden horn started to hum. It was quite loud. Froy clasped his hands over his ears to drown it out, but it seemed to be coming from inside his head. He looked around, none of the others seemed to hear it at all. Froy looked at the horn. it began to glow. Starting at the tip and steadily glowing brighter all the way down to the tiny unicorn’s forehead.  The humming got louder and louder until Froy thought his head was gonna explode
“STOP IT” he yelled.
It stopped. Froy found himself on his knees in front of the nest, looking into the blues eyes he had ever seen. Froy was not sure how he got there, but he was grateful that the noise in his head had stopped. He looked at the horn which was no longer glowing and actually looked quite a dull yellow instead of the gold Froy thought it was. He reached out to touch the horn when the little unicorn took a few steps and collapsed into Froy’s arms. He looked at Froy and then promptly fell asleep. Froy himself felt exhausted and put his head down. He, too, was asleep within seconds.

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