Froy 2

Last week Froy accidently cracked the egg and father was a little nonplussed by this turn of events decided that they needed to go tell the king what had happened.

“Well, I don’t know what, Oh Gads. Maybe we ought to, oh Gads.” Stuttered Father, “Oh Gads! I think, well, I, um…..I think we need to tell the King.”
“Oh no Father!  You go.”Froy looked at his Father with wide eyes.  “I don’t think I should go.I mean what if he throws me in the jail or feeds me to wolf spiders?”
Froy started to back away from his Father.
Grabbing Froy’s wrist, Father started to pull him along the path to the
castle.  “Come on.”
“But Father!” Froy struggled to free himself.
Father just held on tighter and pulled him further along the path. The wolf spiders smelled Froy and his Father
before the pair got within sight of the Castle entrance.  They began to bark  in their high pitch voices.
“See Father, they already want to eat me!” Froy pleaded with his Father.
“They want to eat everybody and everything Froy.” Father replied sharply.  Looking down into Froy’s fearful face, Father softened, “Don’t worry boy.  They’re chained with caterpillar silk and you know how strong that is.”
When Father and son soon came within sight of the entrance to the castle, Father said.  “Look, there’s
the Door.  See the spiders? They can’t break loose. And look there is the guards.  They won’t let the spiders free.”
Father pointed at the yellow jacketed wasps guarding the door of the Rosebush Castle.  The guards seeing
Froy and Father came together, stingers pointing towards the pair.
“Halt!  ” buzzed the largest wasp.  “Who goes there and what is your business?”
“I am Clive fern and this is my son, Froy.  We need to see the king on very important business.”
“State your business,” said Wheat, the Kings an adviser who was coming out of the door.
“Relax” hecommanded the guards.
The wasps buzzed back into their post at both sides of the tour.
“I repeat, state your business,”The advisor said.
“I am Clive fern and this is my son Froy.  We need to see the king, it’s very important.”
Wheat looked Father up and down, then turned and looked Froy up and down.  He stopped and stared when
he saw Froy’s wings.  Turning his attention back to Father he said, “What’s wrong with your boy.  Why are his wings so big!  Its unnatural and his eyes!”
Father was insulted, “Nothing is wrong with my boy.  What is wrong is what we need to see the king
“No.  I do not think so.The king is too busy to see an overweight nobody fairy and his abnormal
son.  Go away!”
Everyone did, indeed, stop and looked up.
“I said stop,” The King was
sitting on a large, red, rose blossom, looking down at everyone.


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  1. martin bannon - August 6, 2012 4:30 pm

    i want more

    1. T Whitaker - August 6, 2012 7:31 pm

      and more there will be

  2. John Sens - August 6, 2012 4:37 pm


    1. T Whitaker - August 6, 2012 7:31 pm

      I take it you like it thus far John?

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