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SEX! I got your attention, did I not? Last week I wrote about the furry persona and sociability. This week I talk about sex. There seems to be a prevailing thought among non-furries that being a furry is nothing but a giant sex mosh pit. Nothing could be further from the truth. THe ones I hve asked and what I could read on forums both pro and con seem to say not true. There IS seual behavior at the conventions, online, in the art but it does not seem to be the driving force in the Fandom.
I even went looking for actual statistics. I was surprised to find that there really has not been that many studies regarding the furry community and those involved in it. There is an excellent article by Dr. Mark Griffiths that does an excellent job of discussing the few surveys and studies conducted. I suggest reading it. Since I know you will not here is a bit of the article:

“In relation to gender, the majority of the furries were male (86%). In relation to their sexuality, male furries were 31.5% homosexual, 28%, heterosexual, and 40.5%, bisexual. (These findings were also similar to unpublished surveys of socio-demographic among 600 furries carried out by the University of California Davis Furry Research Team. This same survey reported that only 18% had a fursuit and that 76% were in a relationship with another furry). Among female furries, none were homosexual, 58.3% were heterosexual, and 41.7 % were bisexual.”~Evans

I was actually interested in the sexual identity breakdown and found it to be no different than many other specialized social groups. I remember a while back that there was a commerical on the TV, I believe it was for Calvin Klien that showed two young people with horses heads on engaged in suggested sexual horseplay. When one talks about the sexual aspect of the furry community, I always think of that commercial. And I remember being slightly outraged at the commercial. To me it was about bestaility, I had never heard of Furries at the time. I mean, who wants to buy a perfume that recommended horse sex. And who the heck wants to have sex while dressed in a horses head?
Ah but then I hear about Furries. I start to learn more about them. But I still wondered…so I asked.

Do you engage in sexual acts while you are in character? Why or why not?

“I am a virgin, so that would be a no.  However, I would be open to the possibility of having sex with a female fursuiter given that she was a species I liked and I married her first.  It’s quite a longshot, but possible…. (no it’s not, who am I kidding?)” ~ Faunoiphilia

“While in character? I guess you could say so. no different then roleplaying as a doctor or a cop or a nun (lol). But i dont think its really in character I’m just me making out or w.e. Rawring Mewing growling is just who i am not nesc my character?
In suit? Never and have no desire to. Suits are not a sexual object to me. They tend to be too cute? Plus I spend a lot of money for my suit and would not want to ruin it. not to mention i would probalby die of heat exhaustion if i tried.”

“yes and no.  I think when feeling sexual, I tend to imagine myself as a feline, but I don’t in costume.  Mainly because it would be horrible to clean out of my suit, but I don;t need my suit to have sex in.” ~ RT

“Never.I am so “rated G” as I call it that I make Mickey Mouse look like a porn star!  Part of what we do is in the public and that needs to be a clean an image as possible.
But as one video put it: “what folks do in their own home is their own business”.”~Excelsior The Lion

The above is just a sampling of the answers I got. I found that many of them do not even truly think of the sexual aspect (there are some for sure). When you do mention sex, most of them were horrified at thought of  ruining a handmade suit that cost hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars to make. I am becoming convinced that they really are about the fandom and the social aspects and not the sex.

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