Friday Furries

Last week was all about sexuality and the Furry. This week, it is about the other major thing that talks There is a definite money value to the entire Furry Fandom.  From the artwork, to the suits and accessories to  the conventions, big bucks are being exchanged.
The recent convention held in San Jose, CA brought the usual snickers and complaints for other convention goers, but it also brought large amounts of revenue to a city that needed the boost in cash.
There were over 2000 hotel rooms booked during the convention this year. Mind you this is during the “slow season”. All of those folks need to eat. The surrounding restaurants definitely felt the boost in sales. As a matter of fact, there is an trickled down economic effect to the tune of 1.2 million dollars. Not bad for a few days. Even the local animal shelters benefitted. as Furries are people who take the welfare of animals seriously.
Many of the folks who go to the conventions are not those who have a fursuit, who wear ears or tail, or even want to. They are there to meet folks they have talked to on line but more than that..they are there for the artwork. Much like comiccon or trekkies or other fandoms..they artwork is amazing. Sure you can see a lot of them online but to be able to buy from the artist is a treat. Can you imagine if you had the opportunity to get a print form Boris Vallejo (award winning fantasy art artist)? I mean from him directly? And maybe get it signed? It is what draws many folks to the conventions.

I asked in my survey:

It would seem that conventions make a lot of money and that it is mostly vendors who cater to Furries. So isn’t this just a way for artists and vendors to rope you in a make money off of you?

“Of course it is, isn’t that the point of ANY convention? But it is also a place for like minded individuals to meet without fear of being judged as harshly as people who aren’t of the same mindset.” ~ Anon

“Not really they are just making a living but some donate money to animal shelters to help out.” ~Nico Tiger

“I see conventions mainly as social gatherings, for someone as socially awkward as myself i need all the help i can get. if i wanted i could go to a convention and spend 0 dollars on anything convention or furry related and still have a good time, that should answer that question. though yes they do wish to make a profit, but then again dont we all?” ~ Vesper

On average how much money do you spend on a convention?

“At my first convention, I spent about 1500, lol.  At the second, about 500 and at the third…I spent only about 150..but it was also a small one and not many artists or anyone I wanted to buy from.” ~RT

“About $400 but that did not include a hotel room as that was all I had and it was a gift from a fellow furry!”~ Excelsior The Lion

“about 200 bucks not counting room” ~ Shuga!

I  have been to other conventions, mostly related to business and can say I have spent up to $1000 to do so. Gladly paid it as well, as there really is something to say for going to a place with large amounts of like minded people whether it is for pleasure or for business. Not to mention the opportunity to buy stuff that is directly related to your interest.

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  1. martin bannon - August 3, 2012 9:16 am

    well written, but boring

    1. T Whitaker - August 3, 2012 9:20 am

      yes it is a bit boring lol

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