Ditch New Years Resolutions Day

New Year’s Resolutions. Quit smoking, quit drinking, lose weight, exercise, save money, get organized, learn a new language, and perhaps work less. These are part of the top New Year’s resolutions. Fine ones as well. However, according to various studies, only 8% of resolutions are kept. Perhaps you are part of that 8%. Perhaps you are well on your way to losing weight, organizing, saving money, and have learned how to say good morning in  Khoekhoe, (a Khoisan click language of Namibia) or you have cut your work hours in half. Perhaps.

Most likely you are like the rest of us. The 92% that have already failed at our resolutions. And that failure tends to makes us feel bad about ourselves, creates guilt and low self-esteem. But a remedy is here! Say Yeah for Ditch New’s Resolutions Day. Today, you can get rid of those pesky resolutions guilt free! No more resolutions hanging over our heads, being a burden and perhaps not such a good idea in the first place. So give em up, go forth and enjoy life!