Dentist Appointment

Risky Business

I went to the Dentist. Yea I know, someone who is high risk goes to the dentist doesn’t sound like a good idea in the time of THE VIRUS. Yet I went. I needed my mouth cleaned. I have fallen victim to TV commercials that say if your gums bleed when you brush them you are in mortal danger of gum disease. Not wanting to die from the mysterious Gum Disease, I went for a cleaning. Besides, it has been almost two years.

It was really a different world. They had insured me they were set up and ready to take up high-risk patients. They had air filters, social distancing in the office, we could wait in the car, the used highly sterilized equipment and other measures. We arrived early as we normally do. I should mention that this Dentist’s office we have been going to for decades. We moved out of the area and still make the trek to see this office even though the original Dentist has retired. Misplaced loyalty perhaps. So driving there we tend to be early as we have to give time for draw bridges and other traffic issues.

Lucky us, we had a parking spot right out front. The Honey went to check us in and I stayed in the car. I did need to use the restroom, though. The older you get, the more you need to use the restroom. That bladder comes full circle from baby to grandma and you have to go much more often. So he asked. They said yes, but I had to get my temperature taken. 98.6 was the verdict. Crazy. When is the last you had your temperature taken at the dentist?

When it was our turn they came out of the car to get us. My Honey was in the cubicle next to me. They sure did a lot of cleaning things. Including my mouth. I had to rinse with peroxide. Blech. I also had to wear glasses to protect my eyes and the hygienist wore a mask, a shield, a gown, and gloves. You would think I was radio-active or had Ebola the way they were dressed. He took my blood pressure! Said I was a bit high. well yeah, I AM at the Dentist. I was thankful for all of it.

I came out of there with no cavities. Probably the first time in 50 years I had no problems with my teeth. If you look in my mouth, which you won’t unless we are in love or you are a medical professional, it is full of crowns and fillings and missing teeth. I have horrible teeth and great gums. Speaking of gums, that darn if your gums bleed when you brush or floss you might have dental gum disease is hogwash. It turns out if you have plaque stuck between your teeth, your gums become a little irritated and will bleed. No gum disease. Good news. Next appointment? Next time I get suckered in by a commercial or a supposed dental professional. I hate the Dentist and with a Pandemic not a place I want to go to again for a while.

Image by TeeFarm from Pixabay