Corona Virus Lockdown

Day 1

Last night, the County I live in sent out text messages, emails and phone calls informing us that we are to join the rest of our state and most of the other states in the United States in a shelter in place. This is in response to the Sars-CoV-2 virus. This particular virus is part of the Coronavirus family and is known by that name. For the news reporters, the people, Coronavirus is the name that is preferred. People with a little knowledge or good skills at researching the internet know that the Coronavirus is similar to the flu and quote flu epidemic numbers to combat the need for such extreme measures. Like a shelter in place order. Its other popular name is Covid19. Or Novel Covid19.

Both names are wrong. The virus itself is Sars-CoV-2. That is its name. Covid19 is named for the disease the virus causes. Coronavirus is the family of viruses it belongs to. It is one of the most transmittable viruses we have come across. It causes symptoms that range from mild (worse flu ever!) to death. So far the deaths have been the older and immune-compromised population, but many young people end up in the hospital and ICU ( ages 20-54 as of today’s report). I could be wrong about names, I am no scientist, but I am one of those who can conduct research on the internet.

Day 1 (3/19/2020)

So we shelter in place. I, being someone with lung disease, has been sheltering in place for 3 weeks already. I thought it would be a few weeks. Now it looks as if there is no end in sight. Kinda sucks. It’s not really super strict. Years and years when I worked near a bleach factory who had an uncontrolled release of chlorine gas. That time we had to close all doors, windows and stay inside until there was an all-clear. That is a strict shelter in place. This shelter in place is to stop the spread of a virus that threatens the entire world. The rules are: stay 6 feet away from another human being, don’t go to work unless you are deemed essential, stay home, no unnecessary travel.

People have already panicked and bought out many stores. For some reason, toilet paper was a big thing in the beginning, but it is now all the food. Food such as bread, milk, and eggs. I don’t get buying out the store. They are not non-perishable and I am afraid folks might throw out stuff that goes bad before they can use it. The food is still there, it is not the end of groceries, by no means. At least not yet. Because folks have gone nuts and overbought all the things, I know of people who can’t get anything. My granddaughter is stuck with chips and junk food until the stores get restocked. Food is available. Even restaurants and drive-through are available. The restaurant will deliver and none of them in my town are price gauging, but many can’t afford it.

For myself, I am sad. I am scared. I am really nervous. I am sure I am picking up on all the anxiety in the air. I mean its the whole world that is affected. No one is exempt from this thing. I know with my lungs if I get it, I die. I pray they find a cure or a vaccine for it.