Corona Virus Lockdown 5

The things I have learned

or already knew

or maybe should have know

I have been stuck in the house for quite a while during the time of SARS-Cov-2. While not totally true, my husband being the man he is, understands that walks around my little community are not quite enough. He takes me for a drive-through coffee and then takes the long way home. It gives me a feeling of going somewhere, doing something even though I never leave the car. Even the coffee drink I get (OOOH Frozen Hot Chocolate is decadent) has been wiped down with hand sanitizer before I can have it. Other than that, in the house. I have not been to a store. Have not been walking the River promenade and sitting on the bench (benches are bad mind you, just Petri dishes of viruses) and watching the River. I miss my River. A lot.

I have learned a few things about myself and others, sitting here in the house. Perhaps I actually knew these things already, deep down where they should have stayed. Or maybe I didn’t because there was no need to know these things. Once known, however, no longer can they be shoved back into the abyss of useless things I didn’t need to know.

1. People are mean. Well, I knew that, but I didn’t know how mean they could be. In their fear they become angry. When they become angry they start to see how UNFAIR everything is and they get mean. Previously nice people have gone to the dark side. I think they feel that if they have to suffer so must you. WHERE IS YOUR MASK? I went to this place and the employees and customers WERE NOT WEARING A MASK! Can you BELIEVE it? The outrage is palatable and taste like something slightly off, about to go green, like baloney with the curled edges (we can just cut that off!) or American cheese slices with the hard edges (cut that off too!). Why are not wearing your MASK??? the guidelines say social distancing is best and masks are recommended but not necessary. Wash your hands Develop a six-foot personal bubble. Stay home if you feel ill. You will be fine. No Mask Shaming!

2. I would make a horrible prisoner. Yes, I would. I don’t like to be told what to do and God Forbid you tell me no. Laser Woman’s eyes on being told no. I don’t always cook what I thought I would for dinner because I changed my mind and just don’t “feel” whatever it was I was going to cook. I have an erratic sleep cycle. Sometimes I nap. Sometimes I don’t. Sometimes I am in bed at 6 pm. Sometimes I don’t go to bed until much later. Sometimes I eat too much sometimes I don’t eat enough. Sometimes I go into my workshop and do things during the commercials that interrupt the show I am watching. Sometimes I forget that I was watching that show. Or that the TV is on. Or what day it is. Or what time it is. Yes, I would make a horrible prisoner. Or cloistered Nun. That too.

3. I am busier then I think I was. I used to go to the stores, go to club meetings ( I do miss Garden Club👩‍🌾), go to lunches, dinner, call friends, hang out with friends, Just Dance Exercise, go hang by the pool, hot tub and then they said stop! Closed everything down. Ugh. What am I going to do? I have so much I need to get done in a day, stuck inside, then I thought I ever did. How the heck did I do everything else? I clean, cook, do laundry, crochet projects, jewelry projects, loom projects, snowmen in hats project, make commercials for my Craftedbytw Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, omg! I forgot about Deviant Art, Etsy, answering emails and messages, and busy enough that I don’t miss all the other things. Well, mostly.

I hate being told to stay in the house except for absolutely essential things. I have my husband go to crowded places for me, grocery shopping, and the like. I don’t like being told what to do but I know my health depends on my and others trying to do their best. Some day we will all look back on this and most likely shake our heads. Either because we dodged a bullet or because it turns out worse or because it was over the top and knee-jerk reaction. Whatever. Just remember that we get to have Today if we are lucky we get the whole day if we are luckier than that we get tomorrow. That is it. Be kind.