Corona Virus Lockdown 4

Day Whatever (3/30/2020)

It seems like I have been stuck at home FOREVER. I started to self isolate two weeks before it became official. So now it’s been forever. They say the quarantine, shelter at home, would be over in like two days but it has been extended for another month. Guess one cannot predict the ways of a new virus, try as they might.

We have moved on from the OMG what are we gonna do its the end of the world! Hoard Toilet Paper! Shrug on that one. Get food! Must have that Mana of all disasters, bread! Where are the eggs? Hand Sanitizer! Now its the conspiracy theories, the New World Order, Dragon Lizard Overlords thinning the herd. The president should have acted sooner and did not do enough. Ugh, it is a virus. No one was/is prepared for this little bugger that clogs your lungs and drowns you.

Everyone on the internet has become an instant scientist and shares new “information” on how to combat this virus. I have read “Its not alive! Here’s how to kill it.” “Heat will kill a virus so warm up the air before it goes into your lungs with a hairdryer”. “It’s the foam that kills the fat that surrounds the virus so lather up.” “Keep your lungs moist by drinking water” You get the picture. All have become scientists and virologists and epidemiologists and, by golly, makes sense, it must be true. There is no common sense. There is no actually listening to the experts that stand with the President every day and tell us what they actually know. Nope. They would rather share some information from some anonymous “nurse” “doctor” “scientist” that I know, my friend knows, someone knows and studied at John Hopkins, Israel, MIT. Cause they know better and can give you hints on how to remain safe.

I am safe so far. I do it by listening to the actual experts. I hear it from their mouths. They have told us to stay home, practice “Social Distancing” by remaining 6 feet from other people, if you are feeling sick definitely Stay Home and isolate into one room, call your doctor before going in, wash your hands often, avoid gatherings of ten or more people, avoid travel, avoid restaurants and bars and disinfect surfaces frequently. It seems to work for me. My husband is considered an essential worker so he goes out In order to not infect we practice the above in our home. I haven’t hugged or kissed the Love of My Life in weeks. I haven’t gone anywhere but an occasional walk in forever. Worse time ever. But I remain as healthy as I was before this pandemic. There are over 750,000 people who have tested positive in this old earth. More have recovered than have died, but as I said: It’s a new virus. We cannot completely predict how it will behave.