Corona Virus Lockdown 3

Day 3 ( 3/21/20)

I cough. A lot. I have emphysema. It makes me cough. A lot. One of the reasons I stayed home before there was even an order to do so, was because I cough. I didn’t want folks to think I was out and about spreading disease. I went to a Just Dance class and had to announce that I wasn’t sick with a virus. Just lung disease. So I stayed home. And I didn’t want to catch this virus either. It likes to kill off people who are older or compromised already.

One of the reasons we all have to stay home is because those who are supposed carriers didn’t. I hear all kinds of things. I hear its overblown, it’s just another flu, we have had coronavirus before it, causes a cold, I’m not sick, its a government cover-up, its a deep state initiative in order to get rid of our freedoms, and many others. The one that says I am not sick and it doesn’t really affect my age group is the one that has me shaking my head. I get it. You have no worries, you cant get ill so why should YOU have to follow the pandemic rules? If it makes old people sicken and die then THEY should be the ones who shelter in place.

Except you can get sick. Like really sick. It can kill you. Even if it can’t, which it can, how is saying it is ok to go out and spread a virus that you KNOW kills others? In my book, one preventable death is a tragedy. At the risk of sounding like my mom, Young, and selfish people! When I smoked, I remember bristling at the newer no-smoking rules. Especially the ones in regards to smoking outside. Can’t smoke at a bus stop? Psshaw. I am outside. You can move to the other side of me if it bothers you. Same mentality. Same it is not me who is affected by the virus (cigarette smoke) so why should I change what I do.

They forget that us peoples who are most likely to die from this disease have already taken “personal” responsibility. We have already taken shelter, wash our hands, cough into our elbows and distance ourselves from others. Most of us anyway. To be fair, I went to get our mail from the mailbox in front of the house and looked down the street. There were two men standing close to each other talking and laughing. They happened to be in front of the mailboxes for the next three houses. The lady who lives next to my next-door neighbor came out to get her mail. She saw the men standing there and stopped on her front walk. Waiting for them to move.

“Come over here so I can cough on you,” said one of the men.

She declined. And I don’t blame her. A horrible joke, if that’s what he was thinking he was doing. Joking about possibly giving someone the death sentence. In my neighborhood, every single one of us is in the high-risk category. It is not funny. Not even a little bit.