Corona Virus Lockdown 2

Day 2 (3/20119)

Day 2(3/20/20)

Yesterday was the first day of spring. I forgot about it until later in the day. When I remembered I got a bit melancholy. It should have been Baseball Season. No baseball. All of the sports originally postponed openings or matches, then eventually canceled the seasons. I have recently started following Premier League Soccer. I am so new at watching that I didn’t even really have a favorite team yet. The one team I sort of liked incurred a two-year ban. I was in the process of picking another. All over with this year.

Along with the cancellation of live sports, came the cancellation of any large gathering, whether it be a craft fair, a concert or in my case, a sheepdog trial event that I was looking forward to going to. I have never seen one in person and thought it would be a great way to spend the day outside in the sun. It got me thinking that perhaps the age of going to a concert with 10,000 + other people or to a baseball game with 30,000 people are over with. Maybe from now on they reduce the sitting capacity in the stadiums or play to empty seats, televised live for all to watch. Maybe a live feed on Facebook, they can have people’s comments and reactions show on the jumbotron screens. Perhaps, from now on you watch a sport in a stadium with half or even a quarter of the number of fans. Lots of room as they take out seats. You can stretch, not have to be so close to the stranger in the seat next to you. Can you imagine? There would definitely no longer be the cheap seats, the “let’s get these seats filled” promotions with a hot dog, soda and chips thrown in.

Those in power and those in the know, say that when this passes when this virus has swept through the world, life will go back to normal. We have China to look at. They have gone through their “season”. I don’t know if it will. I think perhaps something has fundamentally changed in us. Maybe nothing more than we will be warier of packing together so closely. No more packed malls at Christmas time. Perhaps we always maintain a courtesy space, a personal bubble as they used to say. Perhaps not. The flu, Aids and other epidemics in decades past didn’t change much. If anything we seem to get more frantic in our search for all the things. I hope we are better. I hope we are grateful and kinder humans.