Busy Buying a House.

I have not been writing in the blog for a bit. I have been a very busy girl. A couple of months ago, we were told we had 30 days to leave the home we have been leasing for 25+ years. This house, although not our house, was our home. I raised my son and daughter here. Our back yard was kids-playing-outsidethe place toddlers went when they “ran away” from home because I was unreasonable. It was the place for baseball itching practice, and color guard sign flipping.  A place boy could talk to my daughter “in private” and my son could do the same with his girls. Friends played baseball in my front yard, there were epic sword fights, Karate masters at work, giggles while talking about that boy, that front yard was a place to be and a place to be seen in.

My home was where you could spend the night but you had to be quiet, which never happened. A place where you could come get a cupcake or some Kool aid.  There was always someone home so no one had to be lonely.  It was a place you got homework done, and cartoons watched, and that favorite show was watched. My home was a placed that fights happened and making up. That mom yelled at you and went off the deep end, but sorry was always welcomed and doing the right thing was always rewarded.

downloadTo throw us out of the place we had our Christmases, and birthdays, and Easters and a thousand adventures did not seem right, but it was  not and is not our house.  My hunny was able to negotiate us some time, 6 months actually. We signed the little lease and proceeded to feel mad and in shock. My husband, poor guy, was told to come up with a solution so I knew we would not be homeless. He did come up with a few solutions. None of them was my favorites, but it was good to know that we had a place to go.

One of the things we discovered is that renting another place was going to be a crazy thing to do. We decided maybe we ought to buy a condo. That way we could stay in the city that my husband grew up in. Myself, I could care less; I was all for leaving this city. It was getting bigger, bigger, and not necessarily better.  I don’t know, it was weird all of the places we looked at I could live in but I was fairly ambivalent about it all.

We started to look outside of the city, just because things were more affordable. Oneimages (5) weekend, recently , we decided to get serious about looking. Well, we found our house It was our house, when we walked in, it was just like coming home. We put in an offer. Now we have never bought a house before, so we were expecting some back and forth, some negotiating. It didnt happen. Our terms were accepted and I have been thrown into paperwork hell since then. There are papers that I sign sto say that they can look at papers I previously sent them. I honestly have been faxed thirty and forty pages of stuff to the loan people. Finally it is slowing down a bit and we are looking at being totally moved in in January.  Until then I shall be going to work, coming home, faxing stuff, packing up stuff and sleeping all because we are buying a house.

AND that is why I have not had time to write.