A day in the life

Body Art?

We all know someone who has so many tattoos you no longer see skin.  There are those who pierce everything. I always cringe when I  am told or see piercings in genitalia…OUCH is usually all I can think of.  There is also the benign type of body altering, the body paint, the glittering, the make up. How many times have you heard a gal say who wont even go pick up the paper without putting on her makeup. Then there are those who go to the extreme. Who have surgeries to alter their appearance. I am not talking about those who have surgery in a bid to retain or capture their youth or to correct what they see as a flaw, but those who actually alter their appearance. Those who change their appearance so they look like devils or fish or cats, those are the ones I am talking about. I find that type of expressing one’s self strange.

While I think that most (not all , I do like tattoos) body altering is weird all in it is own way, I did happened to run across something today that really has me scratching my head.  I do think trying to turn yourself into another animal or a fantasy character is different but a a food item? This is sexy? I dunno. Click on the link below to read more


 Click here:  Extreme Japanese Body Art