To Think

Beta Readers

I saw this link on the Facebook page and went to read it. This article has excellent information on when to use Beta Reader advice and when to ignore it. I have not utilized many Beta Readers in my short career but I have used a few.

My biggest issue is that I am a nice person and I want everyone to feel like I value them and their opinions. Even if their advice doesn’t jive with my idea of where my story is going, I don’t want to hurt their feelings. So I smile and agree.

I have also run into people who spend more time editing it than reading as a Beta Reader. I do understand that if the spelling or punctuation is so bad it is unreadable, but I actually just want them to read the story. I have had people be so focused on the editing they miss the story. Sometimes, I want the “English” to be bad because that is the way the character is speaking.

I am no expert, by no means. I am currently writing a book that I should have written 38 years ago. My worst critic is me so I hand it to my Honey to read. He is thrilled and loves it but still can give me constructive criticism. That is what I want in a Beta Reader.

Click the link below to read this great article posted in Authors Publish and written by Aliya Bree Hall.