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Aucostic Kitty (and other weird CIA programs)

Extra Large Condoms Labeled Medium.

After the en907378-condomding of WWII , the Office of Policy Coordination came to be. Founded by Frank Wisner, the official duty of the Office was to assist refuges and helping the Red Cross. What the office really was for, was covert actions against the Soviet Union.  Frank Wisner was unfortunate to witness the harshness of the Soviet occupation of Romania and because of this, he made it his mission to mess with the Soviets.  Frank did so using the new concept of psychological warfare. One of the things he did was to drop everyday toiletries on the Soviet Union to  show how comfy it was to be an American.  The best idea that he came up with was  dropping HUGE condoms labelled medium and made in US behind the iron curtain. Now that would mess with their minds. American men are well, well endowed. Unfortunately that idea never came to fruition.


 Operation Acoustic Kitty

It was the 1960’s and the Cia was looking for something innocuous to help them listen in on Russian embassy.  Most bugs were hard to place and the embassy was swept constantly for such listening devices, so the CIA had to come up wSlide114ith something no one would think of.  So what was the answer?  A kitty cat.   Yep a regular ole’ housecat.  Well, almost regular. The CIA figured out how to train the cats then they surgically implanted microphones in the cats ears, with antennae down their backs and batteries in the chest.  The idea was that the cats could just walk up to a group of soldiers and the CIA would be able to listen and record anything they said. The CIA spent 20 million dollars on Operation Acoustic Kitty and they were very excited about finally putting the plan in action. They released the first cat who did head for a group of soldiers. And promptly got ran over by a taxi. The cat and Operation Acoustic Kitty was killed without ever recording anything.


Project Pigeon

Anton Van Dalen painting
Anton Van Dalen painting

During World War, many pilots were shot down during bombing runs. Not because they were bad pilots but because they had to fly so low to see their targets they were also easy to see. This was before Radar. The solution according to the US. Government was pigeons. B.F. Skinner was a renowned animal trainer and the government asked him to train pigeons. The Idea was that the pigeons could sit in the nose of the bomb and, when they felt the plane going off course, peck the map  to correct  the bomb’s position. While Skinner did have success, the government decided that the whole thing was bit absurd and the program cancelled.



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