10,000 Steps A Day

Again I went for a walk and again I remembered my camera. So many things to see. Even if I am walking the same route always some new to see. In fact, I am pretty amazed that more people do not see the wonder around them. As I was walking, there were several people in front of me. We all walked by the creek and yet only I looked into to it. And there was a crane and some ducks. Yea I know, so what, they are always in the creek, same old creek anyway. Yea, well. I saw them and they didn’t. You just never know what you can see when you look. Always look.

Was looking at these here flowers and what do ya know, there is a bee butt hanging out of em.

Cherry tree, wonder if they taste good? I can’t reach them.

Always a fence to keep me out of where I want to go, or do I want to go because there is a fence?

Flag outside of store

Pretty flowers growing on retaining wall

Abandoned webs on tree…kind of spooky

Neck ties hanging in second hand store

Old sewing machine for sale in second hand store

X’s marks the spots 

Crane and Ducks. Hard to take picture because of fencing.



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