Weightloss and Traveling

The last week I was traveling. It was in celebration of my birthday and we went to San Diego. There we went to SeaWorld, the San Diego Zoo and San Diego Zoo Wildlife park.  What does that mean? It means we saw some pretty cool things and we walked. We walked alot. I was not wearing my Fitbit becuase I was on vacation.,  I do not know how many steps I walked, but I gaurantee you it was a lot. The Zoo alone is over a 100 acres. So yep walking.

It was good we walked a lot becuase I sat for the 8 hours it takes to get  to there from here. When I am sitting, doing nothing, I get bored. When I get bored, I want to eat. Now that is a bad combo. Sitting and eating.  Good thing I thought ahead and had bought some of these veggie trays they have available at the local grocery store.  they are little snack packs. They have veggies like tomatos, carrots, broccoli, and it has a thing of cheee , a small pack of pretzels and a little tiny cup of ranch dressing.  It is a good snack.  We also packed a bag of grapes which were very yummy. Yet becuase it was my birthday, I also snacked on some vanilla wafers.

You are probably thinking that if I am trying to lose weight wy would I bring food with me when I know I will be sitting for 8 hours. To top it off , I know I eat when I am bored. Ok. Valid. Except I also know that if I get too hungry, I tend to make bad decisions when it comes to eating. I will get candybars from the vending machines at the rest stops.  So much, much better to bring my own. I also made sure I ahd lots and lots of water. Again. I learned that your brain doent know the differnece between hunger and thirst. So when I get hungry in between meals, I will try to drink a bottle of water. Amazing how often it works.

One of the other things that can be dangerous is eating. Not just on the road but at the parks. We literally got to each park at opening and then left at closing. So what to do. Of course, theanswer is healthy choices. Oh but they are so hard when you are hungry adn you are looking at that menu. Not to mention the heathly choices are more expensive than the not so healthy burgers.  Or so it seems. It doesnt matter though about cost, becuase the doctor cost more and in the long run the cheap food costs you more.

We stopped when we were traavellign at one of my favorite rest stops, Denny’s. true. When you are traelling an need to use ther estroom, stretch yourleg, etc. Dennys are perfect. they have clean restrooms,  a large parking lot to walk around, coffee to go, and if you are hungry then you can sit and eat. They do have healthy food. The best thing about the menus  these days they all have the calories on the menu. hwlps to make good choices. I had the salmon with rice and steamed broccoli..Yum, good choice with lean protien. I could have had the burger but remember I was sitting in the car all day. So lean protien and low cal for me.

I honestly thought though tht in the parks, I was going to end up eating hot dogs and hamburgers and other bad for you things. Well they are not reeally bd for you food is notbad for you It is food that is not necessarily the heathliest thing for me to eat right now. To my surorise, there are definetly great healthy choices int heparks. They were selling fresh fruit along with peanuts and the cotton candy. They were selling sodas next to juices. One day for lunch I had teriyaki chicken and rice. It is easy to make better choices and still have yummy food.

I am no saint. I had treats here and there and there is a small birthday cake for me.  Lucky for me, I am not perfect and there are no real rules about weight loss. I feel it is much like when I was quitting smoking. Then I made decisions one cigarette at a time. Losing weight I do it one snack, one meal at a time.  I know that if I decide to eat something that may have ore fat or calories then I need to make sure I expend the energy.

I learned that you can travel and make good decisions. I did not lose weight but I did not gain either.  I am at 175, I have lost 15 pounds and I am walking 13000 steps most days.

I am not a doctor and I have no idea how to lose weight. this is my first time trying. ANything I say or do is on my own and my own experiences.  This blog post is just me chronicling my efforts. I strongly recommend that if you wish to lose weight and are thinking of starting a weightloss program that you consult a doctor first