TV Commercials Remembered

One day I started to think about commercials.  I started with how different they are these days, much different than I when I was a child.  They seem more sophisticated, more, sublimely engineered to get your attention. Especially kid’s commercials.  That thought brought
me to commercials that I remember from my time as a kid.  I would like to think commercials I saw when I was younger were  more innocent and less pushy, but, heck, if I remember  them as an adult, they were indeed effective.  Dont get me wrong. I have nothing against today’s commercials. I just find yesterday’s ads to be better. Probably becuase I WAS a kid back then .

I am going to be dating myself here, but here  some of the ads  I remember seeing as I watched Saturday morning cartoons. First up  is one I tried hard to learn.


Ok I spent  a lot of time trying to master the jingle. I didn’t do so good  with it. What was a scroundel anyway?

Lip-smackin’, whip-crackin’, paddy-whackin’,knickin’-knackin’, silver-rackin’, scoundrel-whackin’, cracker-jackin’ Cracker Jack”

I always seem to get a whistle too.


I lived in Hawaii at the time of this commercial. I totally don’t remember Hawaiians punching each other, but I do remember the Punchee Guy looked like a tourist with his hat and shirt. AND getting in trouble for asking my little brother and sister if they would like a nice hawaiian punch.


This ad inspired me and my siblings to actually try to count licks and it made me realize that perhaps owls are really not that wise.


Ah my favorite Bugs Bunny! Sure had me wanting Alphabits! Cwazy Rabbit

Do you remember commercials from your youth? Do you think commercials are more devious now then they were in the “good ol days”?