Trivia Day

Yay! It is here! It is Trivia Day! Today is the day to let all that useless knowledge that swirls around in our brains out into the world. This is the day to dazzle your friends with all of your useless knowledge! What? Not good at trivia? Well there are many books and many websites out there on trivia..go look and fill your brain with useless knowledge and you too can celebrate this day. To get you started here is some trivia about trivia:

The word trivia comes from the latin “tri” many three and and “via” meaning roads. So the word trivia means meeting place of three roads. “A meeting place of three roads” would most likely have a tavern, or place of “ill-repute”. Out of this concept of the tavern, which was thought of as an unimportant, and insignificant place, the word “Trivium” gained it’s more popular meaning.

The first use of the word Trivium in English dates back to 1589 and was used in reference to the study of liberal arts and literally meant that the subject was of no interest to anybody but scholars.

The board game Trivia Pursuit was created in 1979 by Scott Abbott and Chris Haney when the discovered that their Scrabble game was missing pieces. The created the game and it has sold over 90 million games in 26 countries and 17 languages.

The first book published that was filled bits of knowledge was named “Trivia” and was written by coauthors Goodgold and Carlinsky in 1966.

Hope these help you in celebrating this day. Not all of us can be a “Cliff Clavin” the bar know-it-all from the TV show Cheers, but with a little effort, you can dazzle your friends with some useless knowledge.