The Real Undead Part 1

Here is another short story…it is a bit longer than the others so it will be broken up into parts. The actual inspiration for this story was a very vivid dream (thank you Nicotine Patch) that I had last night. The following is part one. Enjoy.






The house was huge. At one time, it was probably considered quite elegant, the type of in your face display of wealth. Yes, it was huge but now, instead of stylish, it seemed odd and poorly planned. There were rooms whose original intent was lost on many of the people at the Housewarming party. Alexis would have loved the home; she found it charming in its oddness, her sister, the newest owner, found it old and in need of renovations. Sarah had picked up the home on a short sale, the former owners defaulting on their loan. Seems like there hundreds of em out there, foreclosed homes. She had no idea what made her sister to choose this one. It certainly was out of character.

Alexis had flown in that morning to help Sarah ready for the party. As she placed the veggies she had cut up on platters, her sister had prattled on about the plans she had for the house. Honestly, it seemed like Sarah would be spending more to modernize the house than it was worth it. When she was finished, it certainly would no longer be the same house.  Walls were to be removed and some were to be added. Alexis almost felt sad for the home.

Now, however, the party was in full swing.  It seemed like there hundreds of people there. Alexis had run into people she knew, but many more that she had never seen before in her life.  Those that she did know had arrived in the afternoon and Alexis had a goodtime catching up. They had all left as the sun went down, claiming they had to pick up kids or get ready for an early wakeup the next day, whatever, they had left. That was when the majority of guests had arrived. Alexis felt very uncomfortable around them. They seemed odd companions for her sister.  It was not so much how they looked. There were all sorts there, from the businessman in suits with their perfectly coiffed woman to the leather clad and chained bohemian types. No it wasn’t the look, although many looked like they needed a day in the sun, it was more the feeling. Somehow, they all seemed slightly menacing. They were all quite good looking as well. Alexis spied lumpy, dumpy Sarah walking by dressed in her bargain store dress. Yes, something was off here.

“Hey Sarah!” Alexis caught up to her sister. “There are a lot of people here. You certainly are popular! I didn’t even know there was this many people in this whole town!”

Alexis smirked at her “Just because I am not beautiful like you don’t mean people don’t like me! I met most of these people on the internet. Isn’t it wonderful? They all like me and they all came to the party because I asked. See it is true, if you have a good personality and not just be beautiful, people like you. You should try it Alexis.”

Sarah flounced off towards the kitchen. Alexis sighed. She had no idea why Sarah always brought up the looks. Alexis certainly did not think she was beautiful. Her long brown hair was unruly and never held a style. Her lips where beyond pale without lipstick and her green eyes were slightly too far apart. She was a bit on the skinny side and her breasts were a bit on the small size. Sarah was voluptuous and had beautiful raven hair with bit violet eyes. Alexis had tried to get Sarah to change her clothing style; she was always hiding behind clothes that were just that much too big. Yes, Sarah was beautiful.  Alexis felt her own looks were a dime a dozen. She sighed again and went towards the designated smoking area, a small atrium built into the middle of the house.

There were too many people in the atrium that Alexis didn’t know, those people that made her feel slightly uneasy. She left the room and made her way to the front door. She was a even more on edge as instead of pushing by the crowd saying sorry, excuse me, they seem to part and creating an easy path to the front door.  Definitely weird. She looked back at the crowd but they did not seem to notice her at all. She shook her and opened the heavy wood and iron door. She was just being paranoid she admonished herself. She stepped outside.

Wow, it was much later then she thought. The glow of the morning sun rising could just be seen from the hills in the distance. Alexis rummaged in her purse, found her cigarettes and lit one up. Inhaling deeply, she walked to the side of the house where the cars were parked. The automobiles were everything from an undetermined make,  piece of shit car that one always wonders how it gets anywhere to the newest Aston Martin. At the end of the parked cars was a nondescript older bus, the kind that was at one time a luxury ride, but now not so much. The windows were tinted and there was a big swatch of white paint laid over an old logo. One could just make out the name that was painted over. It used to be the Freedom Church International Gospel Singer’s bus. Alexis didn’t even knew there was such a thing as International Gospel Singers, she thought it was an American art form

Shrugging, Alexis dropped the cigarette, grinding it into the pea gravel with her foot. She turned to go back to the house and found herself swarmed with people leaving the party.  There must have been at least 25 of them. How weird that they left all at once! The moved around her like a wave of water and she stood still. No use trying to go against the flow of the crowd, she would wait for them to pass.  Alexis was actually started to get annoyed, they were yelling and singing at the top of their lungs being generally rowdy. She started to push forward when both of her arms were grabbed from the sides. She felt herself being carried with the group. She struggled but could not break free. She turned to her left and yelled at the man holding her arm

“Let me go!” She shouted. The man smiled and stared to singing loudly, effectively drowning out her shout.

She turned to the man on her right and tried yelling at him, the man just shook his head. Now Alexis was beyond annoyed. She struggled to release herself and when that didn’t work went to bite the hand holding her arm tightly. As she bent her head down, her hair was grabbed and roughly yanked back.  Her head was thrown back and she was looking into hard black eyes set deep into the palest face she had ever seen.  Alexis opened her mouth to demand her release when the man shook his head slight opened his mouth and hissed. Was that fangs? He had fangs! Like fangs in the old Dracula movies. Was he one of those want-to-be vampire lovers? Good Lord!



© TL Whitaker 2012