The Last Family On Earth

Spike TV announced a new reality show to be aired this fall.  It is called The Last Family on Earth. The premise of the show is that the Mayan Calendar is correct and the Earth as we know it will be annihilated on December 21st of this year. They will be giving families a chance to win a spot in an underground bunker built by Vivos, a company that is considered a leader in the building of such things. The families “The competition will showcase survival techniques and provide key information that like-minded viewers may also use in preparation for doomsday.  In addition to endurance and physical skills, challenges will test the contestants’ leadership abilities, integrity and character.  A panel of three survivalist-expert judges, along with viewer input via social media, will help determine which family is eliminated each week.” (Spike Press Center)

When I first read this, I was reminded of the rush to buy bunkers during the cold war in the 50’s and 60’s. With the nuclear arms race in full swing, fallout shelters were designated, many in subway stations, as a place to go in the event of a nuclear attack, which was probably imminent. Those in the city had a place to go, but with the advent of the suburb, many people lived outside of the city. What were they to do? The Answer was to build or buy your own fallout shelter.  Dig a hole, reinforce it stock with water and food and plan to stay underground for at least two weeks.

Many homes still have these fallout shelters in the back yard. When I travel to Nevada to see family, there are many homes for sell that still advertise that they have a bunker in the back. These days however, I have heard them called “unattached wine cellars” “natural cold storage” and whatever else the realtor can creatively come up with.

I grew up in Hawaii on the island of Oahu. On a military base.  The attack on Pearl Harbor was still a very fresh in the minds of people on the island. I do not remember individuals having bunkers but the bases certainly did.  And with the cold war still in full swing, there would be Air Raid drills on the base.  As a child, they scared the hell out of me. We would hear the sirens go off, the jets would scramble, the soldiers would all be running and we kids were instructed to get under our desks if we were inside. If outside we were ushered inside and instructed to “duck and covered”. At home, it was under the beds. Since I was very young, I was petrified until the all clear siren sounded. I was usually sure that this was it, it was all over. What a thought for a 6 year old to have!


So is the end of the world to happen on December 21, 2012. Who knows? Maybe the Mayans are correct. In which case, would being in a bunker actually help? Not sure. I do think it might be worth taking a gander at the show, though. I will at least try it once, twice if I like it.


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