The Blind Date

This is a story I wrote for a friend who needed an original story for an advanced paper that she was presenting. I do not normally write on demand but she was having a hard time finding a story. She needed one that had a lot of idioms and whatnot in order to test non-native English speaking college students. There are two parts to the story, this is the first one.

Jill sat at the corner table in Slims, nursing a glass of white wine. She could not believe she let Amy talk her into yet another blind date.  Amy did not have a good track record with choosing men for Jill. For some reason, though, she was once again sitting a bar waiting for the next rendezvous to show. As she sipped some more wine, she looked around the crowded room.  There were so many people there. Some talking in whispers, some laughing as if there was no tomorrow and, yet, Jill felt as lonely as a cloud. She should be as nervous as cat in a room full of rocking chairs, but she had been through this so many times. She felt jaded.

This was probably the hundredth time she had agreed to meet some guy who was “the whole shebang” and the “cream of the crop”. Amy’s words.  Jill started to remember the other she had met.  There was Larry, who turned out to be as queer as a three dollar bill. Jim, who smoked like a chimney. Bob, just the cat’s meow if you asked him or even if you didn’t ask him.  Steve who seemed normal enough but turned out to be as crazy as a loon. And how could she ever forget Stanley! Stanley, the professional gambler whose every second statement ended with “ you can put your money where your mouth is”.

Jill sighed and drained her wine glass.  She called the waitress over and order another.  This was her third glass.  She promised herself to sip the next one.  I f she didn’t then this guy, this supposed dead ringer for Tom Cruise is going to think she drank like a fish. She pulled her lipstick out of her bag, did a touchup, and checked her look in the compact.  Her hair was actually behaving today and staying in the ponytail she had pulled it into.  Usually her hair did what it wanted and always ended up looking like a rats nest.  Pleased with her appearance she put away her compact.  Jill looked at her watch.  She was a bit early today, she hated to be late.  Amy on the other did seem to care.  “You can’t be later than late” Amy would say. Jill swore that girl would be late for her own funeral.

Well, maybe she could slip out.  No one but herself and this guy, this Bill, would know if she made like a tree and leaf. She took a sip of her wine and looked around the room.  Look at all the people she thought, all looking as if they were desperately trying to be cool, to be the bomb.  The door to the bar opened and a long, tall, drink of water came into the bar.  Oh if only, thought Jill. It would be nice if her blind date were that good looking. Never happen though.  The guy looked around the room.  He sure was a good-looking hunk of man.

“He could put his boots under my bed anytime!” thought Jill, “Heck I would even let him eat crackers in the bed.”

The man looked around the room one more time and caught Jill’s eye.  He made his way through the obstacle course of bodies and tables and came to stand in front of her.  Jill felt her heart threaten to thump out of her chest.  He looked down at her and said, “Hi you must be Jill.  Amy described you to a tee. I am Bill.”


©TL Whitaker 7/11