The Blind Date part 2

Here is the second half of the story I wrote for a friend. (you can read the first part here: ). Again, this was a story that I wrote for her to include in her presentation on teaching English to non-native speakers. She needed an original story that was full of idioms. The first half of the story needed those idioms to be obvious, while for the second half,  she needed them not so obvious and with many more of them. I must say I was very happy to help her out. Enjoy.

Blind Date part 2


The alarm startled Jill awake. She sat straight up and it was a few moments before she released that it was time to get up. She really didn’t want to go to work. She had stayed out  late last night and didn’t crawl into bed until 3 a.m.  She had also drank a little too much and felt her head pounding and her mouth felt like it was full of cotton balls.

“Oh well” she thought, “another day another dollar.”

Jill stretched like a cat, reached over, turned off the alarm and then rolled out of bed. Stumbling over her shoes that she had left on the floor next to the bed, she made her way into the bathroom.  Jill turned on the shower and jumped in before it had a chance to warm up. The sting of cold water helped to shock her awake.  As the water warmed up, she washed herself. Scrubbing her hair, she thought of her date last night. Boy what a guy! He was so good looking.  He could put his boots under her bed any day, but he was such a gentleman.  Even his goodnight kiss was just a peck on the cheek. He had made her feel like a princess, listening to everything she said as if she was a rocket scientist with the formula for eternal life. She hoped he called her again. She rinsed the soap from her hair and stepped out of the shower.

Drying herself off she looked into the mirror. While she wouldn’t stop traffic or turn heads, she wasn’t that bad looking. Her eyes were maybe a little too large and had that deer in the headlights look. Her nose was just a button and her mouth a bowtie. Her only real good feature she thought was her wild untamed red hair. Jill almost wished she could be as wild as her hair.

Jill wrapped the towel around her and went into the kitchen for a cup of motivation.  She was surprised to find that her coffee maker had actually brewed the coffee on time.  She had spent a pretty penny on it and despite all of its promises of fresh brewed coffee when you woke up it  and it being the best thing since sliced bread, it had proven to be as useless as a chocolate teapot. Happy as a clam, she poured herself a cup and went into the living room to see what had happened in the world while she slept.  The talking heads on the news told her the world was going to hell in a hand basket and not feeling much like a glutton for punishment, Jill turned off the TV. She drained her coffee cup and  poured herself some more.

She walked into her bedroom and entered into her closet.

“What to wear?”  She muttered.

She had several meetings today so she needed to wear something that was appropriate for a mucky muck head honcho like herself.  The big cheese had to look the part. Jill sipped some more coffee and looked at her suits.  The blue she decided was the one. She sat her mug down on a shelf and grabbed the suit.

Dressing quickly, she checked her look in the mirror. Satisfied she grabbed her keys off her dresser and walked to the garage. Jill opened the garage door and looked aghast. No car! What in the world! Where was her car? Jill walked into the garage and stared at where her car was supposed to be.  She stared for a moment, at a loss.  What the heck. She reached into her handbag and grabbed her cell phone, intending to call the police. She looked down and saw she had a text, it was from her date last night. Her heart skipped a beat and she decided to look at the text before calling the police.

Good thing she did! The message said: :”had a great time last night. We both too tipsy to drive so took a taxi. Had your car towed and it should be at curb. Will call soon”

Jill put her phone away and pressed the garage door opener. Sure enough, there was her car.  She was glad she saw the text. She would have felt as dumb as a rock if she had. It would probably have made the cops day though.

She walked to the car got in at started it. She pulled away from the curb,,

“Off to the races” she thought. “Time to join the rat race.”

Jill drove into fog as thick as pea soup.  She  was used to driving in fog but this stuff was thick enough that she was outside she probably couldn’t see her hand in front of her face. She loved living in the city with all the perks of doing so. There was so much one could do, you could get lost. The downside, however was the infamous San Francisco fog. Jill hated driving in the fog. At least she was pretty sure that traffic would be crawling until she got on the bridge, so it may not be too bad.

She was wrong it was bad. Several fender benders, the fog and the one lane closed on the bridge made her later than a  June bride in May . Oh well maybe she could make up for lost time by shuffling some meetings. As she parked her car, she called her secretary. He said he could push a couple of the morning meetings to another day and then asked what suit she was wearing.  She hung up and shook her head. Sometimes she swore that boy was as queer as a three-dollar bill.

She walked up to the building and saw Bob, one of the bean counters who worked in the accounting department.  Bob was one of those nervous types and as usual, he was pressed up against the building smoking like a chimney.

Jill waved at him, :those things will kill you”

“Yea” he replied, “but if ya got to go….”

Jill shook her head and went inside. She nodded to the security guard who always looked as if he wrestled with a bear all night. She entered the elevator to find another employee already in it. Jill wasn’t sure exactly where this one worked but the girl was cute as a button.

“Hi”  Jill said

“Hi Ms. Canton” the girl stammered.

“Oh call me Jill”

Ok. The girl replied

Before Jill had the opportunity to ask the young girl what department she was in, the elevator stopped and the girl got off. It was the floor for the typing and document processing. Jill figured the girl was one of the temporaries they had brought in. The elevator stopped and Jill stepped in to her outer office, where Stan, her secretary, was waiting to pounce. She swore that boy was going to pop a cork if he didn’t relax. As usual, he came at her with a barrage of questions, information and tidbits about members of the company. Jill listened with half an ear as she walked to her office. Entering her office, she closed the door behind, shutting out Stan’s bird chatter.

Jill walked to her desk and sat down. Picking up a stack of files, she leafed through them only to find that they all contained pretty much the same drivel, different names, different figures but all the same old same old.  Sighing she put down the folders and let her mind wander to the night before.  Her date was movie star handsome.  He was a dream. Jill wondered why he needed to be set up on a date. For her it was just another blind date, a hookup.  He had eyes to die for and a kissable mouth. It seemed like he was so into her hanging on her every word. Maybe she was reading too much into it. Maybe it was the wine talking last night. She sure had a buzz going by the time he had  arrived.

“ If it wasn’t for the text this morning”, Jill thought, “I would almost say I was too tipsy to know. The hunchback of Notre Dame would look good and I would be all over him with the amount of wine I drank.”

She even remembered his voice..dark rich velvety chocolate. He had a voice that would be great over the radio announcing the next love song. She could hear it now


The voice in her head turned shrill and nasally. She blinked her eyes to find she was not at the bar but looking out of her office window and Stan was talking to her.

“Sorry Stan, I was lost in thought.” She apologized to her secretary and right hand man “What were you saying”

Stan pursed his lips together and gave her a condescending look before speaking, “You stayed out too late last night didn’t you? Well ANYWAY..your first meeting is about to begin. Did you look at the info I put on your desk or you gonna go in cold again? Hmmm?  I made you some notes with key points.”

Stan handed her a sheet of paper. Good old Stan had again come through with notes that would help keep her on track. She sighed and followed Stan out of her office and into the conference room. The representatives from Big Deal Corporation were already there. She put a smile on her face and boldly walked to her chair. Preparing herself to make nice with these jerks, she sat down and greeted the suits before her.

Hours later with only brief breaks and lunch brought in, Jill was alone in the conference room. The meetings had gone well and she was starving. In fact, she was so hungry she could eat a horse. She looked at the wilted salad that she had barely touched earlier. It was decidedly very unappetizing. What she needed was real food. A steak or something.  Real food. She got up and walked back to her office. Glancing at the time, she realized that the day was almost over.  She was glad, she was a whipped puppy. Looking over she noticed Stan had left a pot of coffee made for her. God bless him. He may drive her crazy as a bat but he never missed a beat. His being such a stickler for details is what made him the best secretary ever. Even if he was a pain in her rear at times. She poured herself a cup and walked back to her desk. Deciding that she needed something to keep her going besides coffee, she opened the lower drawer she pulled out a small bottle. She poured some of it into her mug and took a sip. She could feel the warmth of the alcohol spread from her throat to her stomach. Her stomach however protested with a growl reminded her she was still hungry. Jill rummaged through her desk hoping to find something to eat. No luck. Oh well soon.  She sighed. Her dogs were hurting so she kicked off her heels and rubbed her feet for a minute before turning to her computer ,prepared to answer emails.

All of the emails were the normal hogwash she usually got. Some wanted information. Some thanking her for her time or efforts. Some were just whiners looking for validation for their problems and concerns. Some were asking for a meeting. Some wanted her to buy or sell something. None of them interesting. It was like reading tax forms. Jill answered them all.  She turned off the computer, stretched to work out the kinks and looked at the time. Jill was surprised to see that it was already six o’clock.

“Boy time sure flies when you’re having fun,” she said to the clock.

She found her shoes with her feet and slipped them on. She stood and stretched again. Darned if her neck sure felt as if she had been giving piggyback rides all day.  She moved her head side to side trying to work out the knots. Grabbing her handbag,  and left the office. Stan had already gone for the day. His desk and the outer  office, as always, were neat as a pin.  Even the magazines were lined up by date. Jill smiled, she should have him come clean her apartment. She knew it would be picture perfect. Not only would it be clean but also she would be able to find everything.  Stan was definitely one of those a place for everything and everything it its place kind of guys. And it would smell pretty as a flower too. She gave a small laugh and pushed the button to call the elevator.

The elevator stopped on the document-processing floor and the same young gal got on.

Oh hi Ms. Cano.. er I mean Jill,” the young  filly stammered.

“Hello.” Jill replied, “You are working late today.”

Oh no not really. I took a long lunch today. I met my dad for lunch. He is in town and we try to get together.”

“That is nice,” Jill murmured. Jill was looking for her cell phone and keys in her bag so was only listening to the gal ramble on with half an ear.

The perky little gal continued; Oh yes it is. He is here to meet some woman I hope he likes her cause it would be so great if they hit it off. My dad deserves to meet someone. After my mom died dad just sat around doing nothing. It is so good to see him shake it off. His business is booming again and now he just needs a good woman.”

Jill found her keys, pulled them out, and said “Ah Ha!”

At the gals startled looked, she smiled and said, “Was looking for me keys and I found them. I swear there is a black hole in the bottom of purse that sucks things down and hides them. I am glad you were able to spend time with your dad. You said your mom died?”

“Yes, but it was forever ago. She just dropped dead you know. Everyone kicks the bucket but Mom was in a hurry I guess. Dad took it hard. They were high school sweethearts and you would think they were joined at the hip. They did everything together.”

Jill tried to keep up with the torrent of words streaming from this youngsters mouth.

“I am sorry to hear about your mom. And I am happy for your dad”

Oh yes so am I” the girl nodded, “He is such a catch. He is good looking, smart, rich, and the best dad in the world. I hope I get to meet the girl he is starting to date someday. She better be pretty, and smart and want more than to just hop in bed with hi,.”

The elevator stopped and the doors opened.

Jill smiled at the girl and said, “I am sure if your dad is all those things then he will pick the right woman”

Jill looked back into her purse as she stepped out of the elevator, now where in the world was her cell?

The blond squealed in delight and screamed “daddy!” She pushed past Jill and ran into the lobby.

Jill looked up and saw him. He stood in a beam of light streaming through the skylight, looking like an Adonis. He was here. Her blind date from last night.  Jill’s heart skipped a beat and suddenly she was as nervous as a mouse in a barn full of cats.  She raised her hand to smooth down her hair and promptly dropped her purse. The contents flew out and scattered everywhere. Hurriedly Jill got down on her knees to gather her stuff. She looked up to see the blond gal run and jump on Jill’s dream man.

“DADDY”  the youngster squealed.

Daddy? Jill stopped at looked at him. He was holding the youngster. Daddy? Jill searched her memory and couldn’t find where he said he had a kid. She wasn’t sure how she felt about that.  A kid? Well, there’s the rub. Jill knew there was something. She had not yet met someone who didn’t have something to hide. A kid? Daddy? Jill stopped gathering her stuff and contemplated this. She looked again as he put this girl down and smiled at her. That did it. That smile. It was like a beam of sunshine pointed directly at Jill. Jill smiled back, finished gathering her belongings and stuffing them into her purse she stood up.

Jill walked to him. “Daddy? “ she inquired.

“Yes”, he replied

Daddy? The girl asked looking back forth between both of them

“Yes” Jill said.

The all stood there  looking at each other for a heartbeat or two

Then Jill started to laugh. The Adonis and the girl looked at her for a minute before joining in.

In between laughs He said, “Let’s go eat and sort this out”

“Oh yes”, Jill replied, I am as hungry as a bear! I could eat an elephant!”

Still laughing the three of them walked out of the building and into a new life.





©2011 TL Whitaker