Taz Cat and Operation BedMaking

It was pointed out to me by a very sad fan that it has been 24 days since my last post. I swear I should fire myself. Very irresponsible of me.  I could tell you that it is becuase of work and the holidays and then I went to Disneyland and California Adventures. Had a blast and got to ride the new Cars ride in California adventures.  It was so much fun.  Here is a Picture of a picture of me in the ride ( I am the one driving)

Cars Ride

So anyway in order to make up for not postig I will also post a short video of the Taz Cat “helping” the Honey and I make our bed. he had previously gotten me and my finger was bleeding like a stuck pig. Those of you who hav ecats know what help kitty cats can be….here ya go..Operation bedmaking  lol