Ice Rider

In the late 20th century, politicians, a handful of scientists and a Vice President in the United States of America started to raise the alarm about Global Warming. Some people paid attention but many others ignored the warnings., having been through the ice age warnings , holes in the ozone layer and much more worried about total annihilation by nuclear…

Drop Of Blood……….. 4


Meg found herself at the mall that was located across the street from the office.  She walked aimlessly through the mall not really seeing the stores and their offering, in fact, not even seeing the other mall shoppers. She didn’t hear the music or the people. She paid no attention the kiosk workers trying to sell her their miracle products…

Frank and Beth

I was sitting in a very small coffee shop inside of a very small casino located in a very small town people watching. I happened to notice a man who looked like he had already done hard work out on some ranch sitting at the counter eating breakfast. I watched him watch the brown haired, big bosomed, 40 something waitress….